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Pakistani Army Surrenders to Taleban

Posted by Exile on November 8, 2007

Madayan, Matta and Kwazakhela. These names probably don’t mean much to anyone, except the people that live there. They are the names of three towns in the North of Pakistan. Towns that are now under the control of the Taleban. Islamic law is alive and well in the Northern areas of Pakistan and the militants are growing in strength and number as Pakistan wages a civil war both politically and militarily. The army seems to have given up. The Times reports:

Dozens of Pakistani security forces policing a former tourist haven surrendered to militants yesterday, raising the stakes in the country’s political crisis. The police officers and troops, outnumbered and demoralised, laid down their arms before hundreds of pro-Taleban extremists who are imposing Islamic law in an area beloved of Western hikers.
Yesterday’s cave-in illustrated the limits of Pakistan’s efforts to combat the spread of militancy. And the unwillingness of those in uniform to fight allies of al-Qaeda in northern Pakistan.

Which doesn’t look good for either Musharraf or Bhutto. What is the point of holding any sort of election when there is the likelihood of not having a country to govern afterwards? The collapse of the military in the North is merely the precursor of what will be a general breakdown in the entire country if steps aren’t taken soon. Somehow, I don’t believe that the predominantly islamic army is intent on fighting islamic militants. While the military is busy silencing lawyers in Islamabad, the real fighting is being neglected. Musharraf just lost a significant area in the North of his country and more will follow. The peace negotiations with tribal leaders in the North have failed miserably. Musharraf has been the victim of the lies and deceit that come with Jihad. Peace was never the true intention of these tribal leaders, as yesterdays events show.

The region used to attract foreign tourists to its Buddhist heritage and archaeological sites. It is now one of the main centres of al-Qaeda activities, a sign of the growing influence of Islamic radicals in northern Pakistan.
Pakistani security officials said that the militia had the backing of al- Qaeda and included Arab and Uzbek fighters who had set up training camps in the mountains near Kwazakhela, which fell this week. Many members of militant outfits from other parts of the country are also reported to have joined the fighting.

One must assume that the efforts in Afghanistan are achieving the desired result. Afghanistan is too hot for Al-queda et al to handle and, therefore, they need to have new training grounds and a new place to call home. It would appear that the pigeons have come home to roost. Musharraf could have gone after the militants before. He could have put more energy into fighting them and even had the chance to ally himself with the NATO troops operating in Afghanistan. Foolishly, he denied the NATO forces permission to cross his borders to chase the militants down and he left the backdoor open. That backdoor leads straight into Pakistan. If his tactic was to appease the militants that hide in the hills of Pakistan, content that all the action went on in neighbouring Afghanistan, then he has made a huge miscalculation.

Biting the hand that feeds you has always been a successful tactic of the Global Jihad. In fact, it relies on it. Musharraf and company have just been bitten. The problem for Pakistan is, that just biting the hand is not the end. Musharraf let the militants gain a foothold in Pakistan and the war for Pakistan is only just beginning.

The Islamic nuke just got closer to being an awful reality.


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