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Zanzibar Gets it Right

Posted by Exile on November 11, 2007

Here is an article I found on a website calling itself “Muslim News”, attached to http://www.zanzibar-web.com

I have provided a link at the bottom of this post if anyone is interested in seeing more.

Four Muslim clerics have been expelled from Zanzibar for preaching hatred against Christianity, a government official said Saturday, the first time such an expulsion has been ordered in nearly 15 years.

Fadhil Soraga, a secretary to the Zanzibari government’s department of religious affairs, said four imams had had their preaching permits canceled and been expelled from the semiautonomous Zanzibar islands. They had been sent to mainland Tanzania, he said.
Abdula Aziz Kassim, Ali Francis, Said Mketo and Ali Sylvester were previously Christians, but converted to Islam and were preaching a sermon they called “The truth of Christianity versus Islam”.

Soraga said the four had been preaching hatred and insulted other religions in the islands, which are 98 percent Muslim.

In mainland Tanzania, the population is about equally divided among Christians, Muslims and those who follow traditional religions.

“The government can’t tolerate that (preaching) to continue because it may create religious tension, and animosity in our society,” said Soraga.
He added that the government’s decision to expel the four was prompted by complaints from the public.

“There’s no verse in Quran saying Muslims should attack other religions or different believers. That’s where they got it wrong,” said Soraga.

The four clerics were not immediately available for comment.

Zanzibar had previously expelled one cleric, Kurwa Shauri, to mainland Tanzania in 1993. Kurwa was preaching against tourists and in favor of the introduction of Islamic government in Zanzibar.

The Zanzibari government, which relies on tourism as a key foreign exchange earner, has an uneasy truce with hardline Muslims on such issues as the introduction of Islamic law, or tolerance of Western tourists, who some imams say pollute the Islamic heritage of Zanzibar.

If they can deport these hate mongerers, why can’t we?

Muslim news.


One Response to “Zanzibar Gets it Right”

  1. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you.

    One wonders why.

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