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Me and the Extremists

Posted by Exile on November 12, 2007

I am going to visit Prague this weekend. The trip has been planned for some time now as I promised myself a year or so ago, that I would go back and see the old city again. I enjoyed my last visit and never really saw enough of it to be satisfied. It is a beautiful city and there is more to see than one can in a weekend. I am glad I chose the coming weekend and not the previous one. Why? Well, the streets of Prague were a bit busy last saturday;

Neo-Nazis trying to march through the Jewish quarter of Prague on Saturday clashed with self-proclaimed antifascists, and at least 250 people were arrested in outbreaks of violence around the capital.

Police also seized weapons including a gas gun, axes and sticks at scattered sites as the extremists tried to reach the Jewish quarter, police spokesman Ladislav Bernasek said. The march had been scheduled to take place just a day after the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the 1938 night of terror when the Nazis attacked synagogues and Jewish homes and businesses throughout Germany and parts of Austria.
The march was banned, and about 1,400 policemen were deployed in the capital, including riot police and officers on horses. Equipped with armored vehicles and water cannons, they sealed off most of the historic Jewish quarter. In a major clash downtown, a group of about two dozen neoNazis was attacked by self-proclaimed antifascists who said [they) were in the streets to prevent the march, Bernasek said.

Jewish leaders and Czech politicians condemned the planned march as an insult to the victims of the Holocaust. Hundreds of Jews and others gathered in the historic Jewish quarter to commemorate the Nazi pogrom, protest the march and be ready, if it went ahead, to prevent it from going through the Jewish quarter.
About 50 left-wing extremists attacked police with cobble stones in another area. A total of more than 250 people were detained around the city, including 10 German-speaking left-wing extremists armed with sticks, Bernasek said.

At least CBS got it right here. Both the fascist and the antifascist is described as being extremist. Because they are. We simply don’t hear enough about left wing extremism, but it exists and is alive and well. Ask Anders Gravers of SIOE. He suffered an attempt on his life at the last SIOE demonstration here in Denmark. The antifascist here calls himself an autonome, an anarchist.
I can defend neither fascist nor antifascist. Neither nazism nor anarchism. Both are equally vile and equally prepared to use violence to further their cause.

I was, however, glad to read that the local Jewish population was equally prepared to resist the marching nazi brigades and defend the beautiful old Jewish quarter, Josefov.

Read more from CBS News here.

Another demonstration that turned violent last weekend was held in Gaza. Followers of the Fatah movement came out to to mark the three year date for the death of Yassir Arafat, the 10th of November. The inevitable clashes between Fatah supporters and Hamas supporters resulted in gun battles on the streets and hospitals were reporting between 60 and 100 wounded and unknown numbers of dead. Which could be few or many depending on how one reads that information. I found a note that indicates 5 to 8 deaths.

It may be unfair to compare Prague with Gaza, but the mentality of those involved is roughly the same. You’re wrong, we’re right and we’ll kill you to prove it.

Thinking back to the 9th of September this year in Brussels, I find it difficult to believe that the press called all of those who turned up to protest the islamisation of Europe, extremists. We were also met by mounted police, water canons and armoured police vehicles. None of which were needed or used.
Looking at the two incidents above, with the weapons, the violence that ensued, the loss of life and the way in which the police were attacked in Prague, how does the peaceful demo that was planned for Brussels compare? None of us were armed, none of us were going there for a fight. Yet we were called extremists by just about every press organ that reported the demo.

I offer the above as proof, I am no extremist.

At least, not yet.


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