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Who Let the Animals In?

Posted by Exile on November 14, 2007

A terrible story is not getting enough press coverage in this post election Denmark. I found a great write up on the Western Resistance blog concerning the 9-day imprisonment and torture of a 19 year old christian girl by her muslim Lebanese boyfriend. What happened to her is, to say it mildly, horrendous.

She escaped and is now being looked after by both medical staff and police. He is under arrest. His family, who live and work nearby, deny any knowledge of the goings on. Of course.

The question must be asked; Who let this animal wander freely on the streets? And who in blazes let him into this country in the first place?

I suppose another question has to be asked too; How on earth did she get involved with a swine like this?

The mind boggles.

Link: Western Resistance. 


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