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Pat Condell’s Latest

Posted by Exile on November 15, 2007

See this: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ead_1195057244

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Pat this angry before. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t let me embed the video clip, so follow the link instead.

I’m off to Prague for a well deserved weekend of quiet debauchery and tourism. Take care until I get back.

2 Responses to “Pat Condell’s Latest”

  1. I liked the way he used the word Scum. I wonder if he was ever in the Royal Artillery? If not he should have been because he always hits the target First shot. The man is a verbal demolition squad. One of the nice thing is that Pat posts on Google as well, I have just totalled up the no. of hits he has had on both platforms and he has had 120.000 and that is in one day. If he keeps this up he will have a hell of a lot of influence in a couple of years time. I am certain that his posts resonate with how a hell of a lot of Brits are thinking. Anyway Exile enjoy you break I am sure you deserve it and if you don’t deserve it then enjoy it just the same.

    Deep regards

    Yorkshire Miner

  2. Ginro said

    If you want to use videos you can use the Vodpod widget in your sidebar. Works pretty well, and often you can add videos to your account simply by having a ‘Save to Vodpod’ link in your toolbar.

    Sounds like good advice. I’ll think it over. Thanks.

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