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Posted by Exile on November 19, 2007

I found this in my e-mail box on returning home today. I thought I might share it with those who aren’t hooked up like I am. What follows below, is the entire e-mail with an interesting link at the end. Another grass roots organisation with a beef about Europe? The resistance is growing.


“A reform treaty deserving its name would naturally have been greeted with an overwhelming public accolade.”

In a speech for the Amigo Society in Brussels on November 6, Carl-Johan Westholm, the founder of the Free Europe Constitution, presented his views:
What kind of mentality reigns, when in our modern democratic time, efforts prevail to keep decisions about the EU aloof from the people? Of course, you can say that we have representative democracy in our European countries; therefore referenda are not suitable. This would have been a more valid argument, if referenda had not been held earlier about what is on the whole the same proposal.

The reason is evident. We all know why. If there would be new referenda, the majority in at least some countries would probably vote No. The Lisbon Treaty (once the Reform Treaty) would be dead.

It is strange that a proposal said to be so necessary for the future of Europe should be enforced without seeking the enthusiastic consent of the people. A reform treaty deserving its name would naturally have been greeted with an overwhelming public accolade.

The explanation can only be one. The leading politicians give a higher priority to get the Lisbon Treaty enacted than to get it approved by the people. Sooner or later, it will be accepted as a fact, this is the guess. The political risk for the Treaty proponents of avoiding referenda is considered less than the risk of having referenda.

Maybe this is, on the whole, not strange at all. It is common sense, politics as usual. Yes, it could be seen so. The explanation, however, is not to be found in the world today, or only in Europe. We must go back in history. We will find a Triangle with three well known terms and concepts – but their intricate relations and interplay are seldom recognized with clarity. On the contrary, the vagueness has for the last two centuries been fatal for freedom and democracy.

However, in darkness, dark forces thrive. The most eager European leaders, wanting to speed up the process towards a “United Europe” – not divided, and not a super-state but in any case “united” – can with their smartness fool themselves and mobilise populist movements by giving them simple proof of how manipulating and bureaucratic the so called European project is. Newspeak and condemnations, a kind of political exorcism, cannot always stop political extremism.

Read the whole speech “The Triangle that explains Europe” at http://www.stateblind.eu/articles.php?view=187
http://www.FreeEurope.info is a private, positive initiative. It is a contribution to a widening public agenda in Europe. It is independent from parties and organizations. It is the first possibility for all Europeans and their friends worldwide to have a common say about the future path of European affairs. Astonishing, fascinating, and promising.


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