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Three out of Four Ain’t Bad

Posted by Exile on November 23, 2007

Denmark finds three would-be terrorists guilty.

It took a while, but finally we got a result. The courts in Denmark have found three out of four men accused of conspiring to commit a terrorist act, guilty as charged. The fourth man was cleared of the charges but I am certain that he will remain the focus of attention for the police intelligence team that grabbed them. Sentencing will be caried out probably by the end of the day. The chief prosecutor is hoping for sentences of up to 14 years incarceration.
As the Copenhagen Post reports:

After hearing evidence for nearly 12 weeks, it took a jury less than a day’s worth of deliberation to find three men guilty of planning an act of terrorism.

Two of the three men convicted, as well as the defendant who was acquitted, have roots in Middle Eastern countries. The third is a Danish convert to Islam.

I can only hope that the third convicted man gets a harder time of it than his cohorts. In my opinion, he should also be tried for treason against the Danish state and people. Of these three, he is the most loathsome in that he is a Dane by birth and would kill his own countrymen in an act of religious fanaticism and war.
This post may be updated as the sentencing comes in.


The two men, Ahmad Khaldhahi and Mohammad Zaher, each received 11 years in prison. Abdallah Andersen (he’s the Dane) got 4 years.
Ahmad Khaldhahi will be deported, with no right of return to Denmark, after serving his sentence.


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