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Criminal Activity

Posted by Exile on November 25, 2007

It may come as a surprise to some to learn, that in Denmark, with a population of around five and a half million, we have a total police force of only eleven thousand officers.
These brave few have been pretty busy lately if one is to believe the recent order to the police here. They have been told to make fewer arrests.

keycop2.jpgA logjam in the criminal justice system has means that police will be making fewer arrests in the weeks to come. People caught committing certain criminal offences over the next few weeks might find the police handing them a get out of jail free card. City police officials have asked officers to make fewer arrests while the legal justice system processes a backlog of cases.

This comes as a bit of a surprise to me. I feel the police aren’t doing enough on the streets as it is, and now they are being told to let the criminals among us to go free?

This is bordering on the ridiculous. We don’t have enough police, but those that we do have are being stopped by a lacking justice system? The answer must be simple. Increase the amount of judges and drop the bureaucratic bullshit. But does it stop there?

If one looks at the situation from a different angle, we are either over-policed or the whole country is turning to crime as a hobby or source of income.

Within the past three weeks, I have spoken to two people whose relatives have been attacked and mugged. The police offer no real chance of finding the perpetrators. Even though they do have descriptions. House broken into and burgled? Well, take it up with your insurance company. The police won’t even bother to come round and see the place. Car stolen?. Insurance company again. Probability is, that your car is on its way east and will never be found. Unless you are really lucky and someone spots it in a parking lot somewhere and reports it after days of looking at it. By then it’ll be stripped and vandalised anyway. Which is tough if you don’t have a comprehensive insurance which will replace the vehicle. Most don’t.

‘Right now, the district attorney’s office is overburdened,’ police spokesperson Per Larsen told TV2. ‘If we continue to add to the pile, we’ll never get through them all.’
Larsen said the situation forced the police to ‘think carefully’ about what arrests they made. Crimes less likely result in time behind bars include traffic violations, drug dealing and organised crime.

Less likely to result in time behind bars? How it can become less likely is beyond me. It isn’t likely now.

It is rare that one goes to jail for a traffic violation. The Danish system of fining anyone for driving a car even mildly disturbing to a police officer is extremely well developed and used as a real earner for the state. Ask any Danish driver. We’re all potential criminals on the roads here.

On the other hand, narcotics are already freely available on the streets, gangs of immigrant youngsters run riot whenever they please, certain areas of our towns are no-go for whites after dark and rape and murder gets carried out in the middle of cities unnoticed. At least, at the time of being commited. Armed robbery, burglary and home invasion is on the rise. So just who are the police arresting to overburden the legal system? Must be all us motorists.

Beats the hell out of me.


One Response to “Criminal Activity”

  1. Yelene said

    You must be joking. I live in the US and am originally from Haiti. One simply has to Google to find the exhaustive articles on crime and corruption that has plagued that country. Denmark is a long way from Haiti as far as infrastructure and execution of Law, but for city officials to ‘pick and choose’ which crimes they will prosecute due to backlog is preposterous!!!!! Please tell me that what you wrote was joke…b/c it’s incomprehensible to me.
    Many in the US (mostly liberals and the like) are decrying the so-called ‘prison industrial complex’. I say there aren’t enough jails. It’s alarming that there many jails on the one hand because some laws are archaic. However, if people were not demonstrating criminal behavior, there wouldn’t have been a need for such a number of jails in the first place.
    Tell your countrymen to fight this gross miscarriage of Justice. What use is the Law if it isn’t enforced?!?

    It’s no joke. As a taxpayer, I am furious, but I promise you, this is the truth.

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