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French Foreign Legions

Posted by Exile on November 28, 2007

The streets of Paris and Toulouse are once again being attacked, vandalised and burned by rioting youths of no explicitly stated origin or religion according to the usual MSM reports we are receiving here in Denmark. The reason? It appears two criminal youngsters, equally non-descript with regard to religion or ethnicity, stole and rode away on a scooter, crashed it into a police car which wasn’t chasing them and died as a result of their injuries. Serves ’em right, you might say. Had they not stolen someone elses property and gone joyriding then it would never have happened and they would be alive today. The guy to blame is the incompetent idiot that had control of the throttle and steering, doubtlessly cheered on by his equally criminal chum on the pillion.

The reaction of hundreds , if not thousands of youths and the total lack of information in the Danish press as to who they may be, leads me to only one conclusion. This is a new muslim onslaught against France. We saw it weeks ago, the same reaction, in Amsterdam in Holland. The reaction is not typical of the white European youth. White Europeans kids don’t go on the rampage over something like this. And until the press comes out with the truth as to who these youngsters really are, I am sticking to my opinion. Had it been white European youngsters then we would have heard it already. But we all know that because it isn’t white European youngsters, then no ethnicity will be referred to by the press anywhere. Reading between the lines was never any easier than it is today.

The interesting thing is how the French authorities will react now. Sarkozy has called some of his ministers in to a quick conference on what is to be done but, as of yet, I have not heard of any great plans or moves to stop the violence. But I’m pretty sure the French are getting very tired of it.
With as many as 77 police officers injured in the fighting yesterday, the police don’t seem to be able to stop it. I presume the army will not be mobilised yet.
But, sooner or later, that may have to be an option to consider. After all, what is happening in France now is as close to the start of a civil war as we are likely to get. The damage has only been collateral now, but how would you feel if it was your car or business that was destroyed by these rampaging, and probably foreign, youngsters?

I don’t know about you, but I’d buy a shotgun and stock up with double x shells. If the government could no longer protect me, or my property, then I’d consider protecting myself and my belongings. I wonder how many Parisians feel the same?

C’est la Guerre.


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