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Best Wishes to You All in 2008

Posted by Exile on December 31, 2007


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Home Grown Terrorists. The AFA

Posted by Exile on December 31, 2007

Anyone that knows me knows how I take offence at being called extremist. I am not an extremist. I do not advocate the use of violence, nor do I burn down embassies, attack individuals, nor do I use molotov cocktails to express my point of view. However, there are others that do. One reads so much claptrap about right wing extremism that one would almost believe it existed. The fact is, that the extremism we experience in daily life is mainly left orientated and not right. Take for example, the “Autonome” groups in Denmark. The spoilt youngsters that seem to think it is alright to simply take over buildings and call them their own. The groups that have burnt half of Nørrebro in Copenhagen because the state will not finance their theft of property. Those that attack people like me, for standing up for western values and the preservation of Roman Law in our society. All decidedly left wing extremism at its very best.

These groups are organised. More than one might think. Worst of all, is that they are using a playbook, or parts of it, that was created in the 1980’s by the Bader Meinhoff, et al, and has been rewritten and refined since those far off days.

How do I know this?

afasverige.jpgWell, you have to read the opposition’s websites to find the truth about their activities and, perhaps stupidly, one of them has tipped its hand. An organisation in Sweden calling itself the Antifascist Action group has published the handbooks on urban terrorism, or left wing extremism. They call it “activity” or “action”. The left wing extremists are all “activists”. At least, in their own language.

The books describe, in two seperate texts, how to organise the groups, how to start activities, how to make weapons, how to use them, how to effectively fight the police and so on. The second of the two is particularly graphic in its explanation of how to organise and make use of violence to achieve ones goal.

Perhaps we should thank them. Anything the left can do…. you know what I mean.

Having been directly attacked by these people, or by people affiliated to them, Anders Gravers, head of SIAD and one of the founders of SIOE, has picked up on the Swedish site and has gone to the police with the information about these Antifascist fascists. They are investigating the affair now and the indomitable Mr. Gravers has asked the Danish Peoples Party to get rolling on an inquiry into the Danish side of the whole nasty business. One would be naive to think that our Swedish cousins were not advising and helping to organise similar groups here in Denmark.

Remember please, that these are the same people that accused Vlaams Belang in Belgium of being fascist, racist and so on. In fact anyone disagreeing with them is fascist, racist and so on. Because with these people, if you are not in agreement with them, you must be fascist. They have, after all, declared themselves anti-fascist.

I don’t expect you all to read Swedish. I can read the language, but perhaps not well enough to attempt a full translation. However, just to let you know that I am not giving you a bag of bull, I will provide the links to the AFA Jönköping website where you can see these handbooks for yourselves.

Unlike certain little green bloggers, I do try to check my facts before I take people to task for their activities. Here are the handbooks on left wing extremist urban terror:



Perhaps some kindly Swedish blogger will have a go at translation and let me know of their efforts?

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Yay Lefties!

Posted by Exile on December 30, 2007

Finally, after years of stupidity and senseless proposals for the good of the Danish public at large, the Danish left wing Socialist Peoples Party have come up with something that I can support. From the Copenhagen Post:

Politicians are airing suggestions to allow topless bathing in public swimming pools.

Women would be allowed to bathe topless in the city’s public swimming pools, if it were up to the Socialist People’s Party in Copenhagen. The party’s MPs in city hall are planning on putting forward a proposal in the new year allowing women to swim topless at public pools.

The suggestion came as a response to a recent campaign by a group of women who, inspired by a similar happening in Sweden, went swimming topless in one of the city’s largest public swimming centres, DGI-Byen. ‘We’re tired of women being sex symbols who aren’t allowed to have hair under their arms or on their legs,’ said Maria Høeg, a spokesperson for the group.
Ninna Thomsen, of the Socialist People’s Party, said that Denmark was a liberal country and topless bathing should be allowable in public swimming pools. She also pointed out that sunbathing topless on beaches had been legal for years.

She did add though, that there would be specific times for topless bathing, so as not to offend those who were not quite so open to the idea.

Yee-ha. Where did I hide my speedo?

OK, I’m not thrilled about the hairy armpits and stuff, but all those boobies bobbing gently on the troubled surface of the swimming pool can’t possibly be bad, can it?

Though I wonder, who could possibly be offended, or not “open to the idea”? Beats the hell out of me!

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A Most Predictable Death

Posted by Exile on December 27, 2007

If you ever wanted a safe bet, then this would have been it. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today. One can speculate as to the why and who of this but I found a telling paragraph in the Times;

“When Ms Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October to contest parliamentary elections, after eight years in self-imposed exile, Islamic militants threatened to kill her, branding her as a supporter of Washington’s war on terror and a proponent of women’s rights.”

Which just about sums up the state of afffairs in the latest catalogue of islamic atrocities. Assassinated for being a woman.

I don’t need to write an extensive post here. Everyone else has it and the press is full of the news of her death. Suffice to say, I consider this another act carried out by ardent followers of the religion of peace in the name of their twisted god and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to hear that the perpetrators last words were “allah ahkbar”.

Unless, of course, this is just another zionist plot. Funded, naturally, by the yankee dollar.
Forgive my sarcasm!

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The Last Night before Christmas

Posted by Exile on December 23, 2007

Well. it is for us over here. We celebrate in the evening on the 24th. I will be working tonight. My dear lady wife has to work tomorrow too. Our Christmas evening will be a little delayed.

santa.jpgI bought the last of my presents today. I will have to wrap one of them later. Mustn’t spoil the surprise for the little lady. Surprisingly, the huge shopping mall was relatively quiet. Maybe most people got round to doing the last minute panic buying yesterday. I have prepared the Christmas tree, it is being decorated by my better half as I write this. It is her turn to decorate it this year. We alternate.

Hopefully I will be finished at work by 02:00. There can’t be that much coming into the depot tonight. one trailer I believe. And then, after that is unloaded and I have locked up, Christmas can begin. Hooray.

Actually I’ve been looking forward to it, for many different reasons. I have quit the present job. So this is the last night shift I will be doing. I have taken my remaining holiday until New Years Day. I start the new job in January. More pay, better hours and I get to sleep in the dark instead of the daylight. Back to a normal daily routine. Free weekends, a social life and time with my family where I am not constantly yawning and fighting to remain awake. My new year looks like it will be a bit happier than the last.

So it really only remains to wish everybody that comes here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for being with me over the past twelve months and hopefully, I will have the pleasure of your company in the next twelve.

Peace and goodwill to you all from me.

Nothing follows, until after the festivities!

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Picture of a Pædophile

Posted by Exile on December 19, 2007

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair has won UNICEFs award for “Photo of the year, 2007”. This photo was taken in Afghanistan and is probably the most hideous image I have ever seen. It depicts a soon to be newly wedded couple. He is over forty, she is eleven.
If that doesn’t have you gagging on your morning coffee, then nothing will.
This despite the fact that the minimum age for marriage in Afghanistan is 16 years. Judging from her expression, the poor girl doesn’t appear to be happy at the idea of being married to this man.
According to Unicef, there are some fifty one million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 that have been forced into marriage. The youngest brides are to be found in Rajastan. 15% of them are not even 10 years old.

I’ve cropped the picture slightly for size.


Sorry Stephanie.

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Royal Pardon for Gang Rape Victim

Posted by Exile on December 18, 2007

It would apper that the international outcry against the barbaric sentencing of a gang rape victim in Saudi has borne fruit. The girl is to be pardoned by the Saudi King Abdullah. Not being able to let it go at that, I decided to see how the Saudi Gazette was reporting this story;

By Mohammed Al-Kinani and Suzan Zawawi.

JEDDAH – King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, has pardoned a Saudi rape victim who had been sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes by a court in Qatif, Justice Minister Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Aal Al-Sheikh confirmed to the Saudi Gazette, Monday.
The pardon comes for the girl only. Rapists will face their sentences, he said.
“The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques looked at the girl with mercy. He considered the psychological pressure she was going through,” the minister added.
He, however, denied that the pardon meant the sentence was wrong.
“Everywhere in the world, the head of state has the right to pardon and revoke judgment,” he said.

Welcoming the pardon, the woman’s husband said he and the victim as well as the family members were delighted with the news.


Fouzia Al-Ouni, a human rights activist who had been following up the case from the very beginning, said this is a great gesture from King Abdullah, which is not surprising since the King is known for his merciful nature.

An act of mercy then, pardoning the victim of gang rape. The whole idea is outrageous. How could she possibly have been accused of having done anything wrong? But keep your eye on this if you can, there’s more in the offing…

Recently another such case took place in Ahsa, where a young female teacher – now being dubbed as the ‘Ahsa Girl’ – was abducted by her driver who took her to a gang where she was gang raped. However, she went to a police station and filed a case.
Al-Ouni hoped that this case would get a fair deal since the case was lodged the same day unlike the Qatif Girl case, which was filed three months after the rape incident.

Well, what with a merciful nature and all that, I daresay the King will also absolve her from all guilt. Perhaps if they let women drive themselves around, none of this would have to happen.

The Saudi Gazette.

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Darwin and Binge Drinking. The End of Christianity.

Posted by Exile on December 16, 2007

I’ve written before about my dear old, long dead mate, Darwin. The father of the theory of evolution, champion of the thinking man. The last time I wrote about him was when I discovered he was being attacked by islam. Now the christians are also having a go. Or, should I say, a certain group of christian creationists, calling themselves the A H Trust. They are intent on building a creationist theme park in Lancashire, England. The group, comprising a few, apparently well heeled, businessmen, has 3.5 million pounds ready for the project. All they need now, is the location.

I found an article in The Guardian that explains a little of what is going on. Having read that article and visited the AH Trust website, I get the impression that binge drinking is the real source of worry and not so much Darwin’s teachings. From the Guardian:

Peter Jones, one of the Lancashire theme park’s trustees, said the emphasis would be on multimedia rather than the costume re-enactments of famous biblical scenes favoured at Holy Land. [USA, theme park. Exile.] ‘It will be a halfway house for youngsters,’ Jones said. ‘Today all they do is binge drink. We will be able to offer them an alternative.’
On television today there is so much sex and violence, it is no wonder our youth are binge drinking….

And from their website;

Our aim is to give youngsters an opportunity to learn to play music, perform on stage, train as cameramen, lighting engineers, sound engineers, video editors, videographers and ENG operators, and we believe that this unique project will influence an end to binge drinking.

darwinbeer.jpgI see. Sex and violence on TV leads to binge drinking.

Well, well. I thought it was American Idols, or reality TV, whatever that is. That always sends me off to the pub or, at least, has me reaching for the single malt.

I wonder what dear old Charles Darwin would have made of that piece of deduction.

Probably, much the same as I do. Binge drinking is of no help in either sexual or pugilistic affairs. In both cases, the effect of vast quantities of alcohol is detrimental to performance. In evolutionary terms, sex and violence have always had a positive effect, in that the strongest male gets to mate with all and sundry, while the punch drunk loser gets nothing apart from a good hiding. I’m sure even the youngsters are aware of this.
I have difficulty making the same connections as the AH Trust, but I am no creationist, so I am perhaps not the one to judge. But I digress… Sorry!

Back to The Guardian and Mr. Jones again;

‘We will be able to offer them an alternative.’

By producing its own films, the trust believes it will be able to provide an antidote to modern culture.
‘The church in this country is in crisis and many church leaders living in Australia, America and Canada have openly proclaimed that God has left the church in England,’ the trust states on its website.
‘Evolution has falsely become the foundation of our society and we need the television studio to advocate Genesis across this land in order to remove this falsehood, which presently is destroying the church foundation.’

Personally, I thought God died in the trenches in WWI. At least, that what I was told. Which basically means that modern humanity was born out of commonsense and not from the pages of an ancient book which has very little going for it, analytically and scientifically.
Still, it takes a leap of faith to believe that opening a theme park and inviting kids to partake in the making of TV programmes is going to offer any alternative to the weekend pastime of thousands of youngsters who have discovered the euphoric affects of beer, cider, lager and breezers et al. I can well imagine them being there from monday to friday between the hours of nine to five, but I am pretty sure I know where they’re going to be on saturday night. And it won’t be a revival meeting.

Let’s not forget; part of Charles Darwin’s great theory is extinction. Things start, they evolve and some of them end up going nowhere. Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the extinction of religion. Heaven knows, we would probably be better off without it.

And the extinction of theme parks wouldn’t be a bad thing either!
AH Trust website.
Guardian article.

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Well Aimed Pebbles

Posted by Exile on December 13, 2007

I don’t normally get involved with other peoples conflicts. I have enough of my own to deal with! But sometimes one has to choose sides or at least say, “OK, you’ve had your say, agree to differ and be done with this issue”.

Anyone that reads the Gates of Vienna blog, or Little Green Footballs, will be aware of the current animosity that is going on concerning the Belgian “Vlaams Belang”, the Flandrian seperatist party that wants to see Flanders free of Belgium and the French Walloon district. The Baron has been defending the VB staunchly, since the counter jihad conference in Belgium, against LGF and Charles Johnson’s charges of white supremacy activists, neo-nazi labelling, antisemistim, extreme right wing-ism and all else evil and unholy. I have to come down on the side of GoV. Mainly because I have met and talked with folk from VB and know a few of them and am aware of their goals. They are not jackbooted thugs, nor are they wearing brown shirts or swastikas. They simply want a free Flanders.

The arguement going on over the blogosphere has been protracted and will probably continue as a sideshow for a while yet.
The latest from GoV is a comparison of the present state of the disagreement to the debunking of the memo known as the “Killian Memo”, the blatantly forged document that discredited Dan Rather and CBS News during the height of the US 2004 presidential campaign. It cost Dan Rather, of CBS, his job and his good reputation.
The GoV tells us, that the truth will out and praises LGF for being at the forefront of that victory over a fraudulent memo and a biased MSM.

The charges against VB by LGF are equally fraudulent. And therein lies the problem. When a well respected and once highly revered blog like LGF gets it wrong, then everyone that reads them gets it wrong. Having been the standard once, having once been seen to be correct on a large issue, is a magnificent credential to have in your back pocket. LGF wasn’t alone in bringing down Rather and his goons. As GoV states;

Needless to say, Mr. Johnson wasn’t the only star of the show. The initial exposé of the Killian memo came from Free Republic. Other prominent bloggers were in the thick of it doing important work, including Power Line, Michelle Malkin, Roger Simon, and Instapundit. Bill at InDC Journal played a crucial role when he contacted an expert on typewriters who made mincemeat of the CBS in-house expert’s laughable assertions. Many other smaller blogs, commenters, and forum posters contributed to the effort. It truly was “an Army of Davids”.

The army of Davids. That’s us. We’re all Davids and we are all fighting giants. However, if one well aimed pebble can change the future, then make sure you are aiming in the right direction.
I have only once involved myself in something that got to be big. I posted a small blog concerning a small group of people calling themselves SIAD. They were not being allowed to protest against islamisation in Denmark. That little blog went round the world. Out of it grew SIOE and the first counter jihad summit in Copenhagen. It made me realise that a well aimed pebble is a frightening weapon to have. One can use it for good or evil, depending on how you view the world. Had I been wrong in my assumptions about SIAD, or not bothered to contact them and find out who they were and what their goals are, then SIOE might never have existed in its present form. One little post in my unobtrusive blog started a Pan-European movement. That is truly scary. And humbling.

A few words for Charles Johnson;

The pen is still mightier than the sword. So be careful who you write about and what you write. Mud sticks. And if it sticks to someone undeserving of it, it is extremely hard to wash it clean again.

Enough mud-slinging.

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Feeling My Limits

Posted by Exile on December 12, 2007

It has been almost two years since the publication of the now infamous Motoons published by the Jyllands Posten. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here, then you need read no further.
The wave of public outcry from the muslim element and the wave of public support from most Danes is still in motion. People are still analysing the effects of that single journalistic event that sparked boycotts in the muslim world, the burning of embassies, killing of innocents and demonstrations throughout the ummah. I found a little article in the Copenhagen Post covering the still lingering bruhaha that is the motoon soap opera. Here’s a little extract:

Morten Kjærum, director of the Institute for Human Rights, said that while Denmark’s image was still tarnished by the incident, it had pushed a discussion about the freedom of speech to centre stage.

‘People are now aware that freedom of speech is one of the central elements of a democratic society,’ Kjærum said. ‘I think it’s also made people in Europe and Denmark realize that there are limits on the freedom of speech.’

Unbelievable! Freedom of speech, he says, is one of the central elements of a democratic society, and then immediately states that there are limits on the freedom of speech. In which case, there is no freedom of speech. Freedom is unlimited. It is either total or non-existent.

Anyone working to limit our freedom of speech is working to limit our democracy. Anyone denying my freedom to say whatever I wish to say, is denying my freedom as an individual.
But isn’t that the idea? Attack the dissenting masses as individuals. Divide and conquer. Make an example of one dissenter, and the rest will shut up and keep quiet no matter what they feel or believe. Don’t believe me? How many individual bloggers have felt the weight of the lawyers hand on his shoulder this year?

Maybe the Institute for Human Rights, and all the other human rights organisations, wherever they may be, should concern themselves a little more with that and work to ensure that I can say and write what I want, where I want, and when I want, without fear of retribution, insult or labelling from those who disagree with me.

No matter whom I may offend.

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