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Saudi Cowardice

Posted by Exile on December 2, 2007

The Associated Press is fronting a follow up story concerning the sentencing of a Saudi woman, who was gang raped, to 200 lashes with a whip for adultery. The international criticism has been scathing but, by my reckoning, not vociferous enough. For example, have we heard one murmur from the UN? Amnesty International?
Indeed, any of the so-called champions of human rights? Public demonstrations outside Saudi embassies? No.
However, the voices of dissent around the world are apparently being heard in the magic kingdom called Saud. They are feeling insulted.

Saudi Arabia is bristling at international criticism over the sentencing of a rape victim to prison and 200 lashes, insisting the West should stay out of its legal system. But the case could empower voices for change in the kingdom’s Islamic courts.
The punishment of the “Girl of Qatif” — as the rape victim is known, after her hometown in eastern Saudi Arabia — was labeled “barbaric” by Canada. In a rare criticism of its Mideast ally, the White House called the Saudi court ruling “outrageous.”

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal, in the U.S. for a Mideast peace conference, was visibly annoyed.
“What is outraging about this case is that it is being used against the Saudi government and people,” he told reporters Tuesday.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal is a coward. And an unintelligent one at that.

What is outrageous is the turning of a victim of a gang rape into a criminal by some uneducated religious nutcase of a judge, whose only reason for being in such a position of power is, that he has read the koran and been appointed as judge by a despotic king in a backward sharia society.
Prince Saud al-Faisal, if he had any balls at all and as a member of the royal family, should be the one deploring this ridiculous and inhuman sentencing of a brutally mistreated woman in the name of his family, his religion and the people of Saudi Arabia. Surely, something in all of this has to tell him, that this is simply wrong and absolutely unacceptable, not merely for us in the west, but for all of humanity.

If anyone deserves a flogging, it is both him and the judge.

Link: Associated Press


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