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The Last Gay Man in Iran

Posted by Exile on December 6, 2007

Uhm, you know all those homosexuals that they don’t have in Iran, according to the madman Ahmedinejad? Well, they’re going to execute one of them in the near future.

ahmedinejad-ahvaz04.jpgWhich means that Mad Jad told us a lie and that homophobia is alive and well in Iran. As we all know, the prophet muhammed was a pædophile, not a gay, so being gay is a crime and pædophilia isn’t. According to islam.

Anyhow, I found this little unobtrusive website which has started a campaign for the pardoning of a certain Mr. Makwan Moloudzadeh, who, at the tender age of thirteen, had a homosexual relationship with some other boy, who apparently isn’t homosexual. Otherwise there would be two of them on the Tehran death row . It takes two to, well, you know.
Unless the other lad was homosexual and was put to the sword, or scaffold, some time ago unbeknown to us. Which leaves our poor Makwan as the last gay man in Iran.
This from the “everyonegroup” website:

The sentence for the 21-year-old homosexual was suspended two weeks ago. The case however has been re-examined by the iranian judges and the sentence confirmed. The execution has been fixed for the next few days. His family’s desperate appeal: “save our makwan”
Makwan Moloudzadeh is 21-years-old (he was born on March 31st, 1986) and he was sentenced to death for the crime of “lavat” (sodomy) according to the Iranian Criminal Code that foresees the death penalty. According to the motivation adopted by the Iranian Government, the young man, at the age of 13 had sexual intercourse with another boy.

OK. Buggery isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but between consenting partners, even experimenting youngsters, behind closed doors and in the privacy of ones home, I have no problem. Everyone marches to their own drum beat. Live and let live. I lean toward the ancient Wiccan philosophy. Their watchword is simple. “An ye do no harm, do as ye will.”

That may seem simple, but doing no harm to anyone means that you have to think hard about what you do, before you do it. (Think about that for a while!)

But to sentence someone to death for a bit of experimental sex in their prepubescant years, despite your superstitious religious leanings, is a bit far out. Not really the sort of reaction one would expect from a judiciary in a country where such things, according to their prime minister, don’t happen. Either way, this young man is well and truly “buggered” now.

It just all seems a bit extreme to me.

I wonder how the Saudi Commission for Human Rights views it?

Link: http://www.everyonegroup.com

Update: Makwan was executed today, 7-12-2007.

From The Guardian
” Stay of execution fails to save Iranian man

* Guardian, Friday December 7 2007
* Robert Tait in Tehran

Iran faced criticism over its use of the death penalty yesterday after a man was hanged for rape – despite a retraction from his accusers and the fact that he would have been 13 at the time of the crimes. Makwan Mouloudzadeh, 20, was executed in the western city of Kermanshah.


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