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Doom and Gloom Again from the OECD

Posted by Exile on December 8, 2007

The OECD, the Organisation for the Economic Collapse of Denmark, is out banging its big drum again. This time to tell us that our country is heading for economic disater (once more) as it usually does every six months or so. So far they have been totally off the mark as far as this government goes, but hey, who cares about hard reality when you can make it up as you go along? The latest prophecy of doom comes with the warning not to lower our huge over taxation and to curb our spending of the hard earned cash that we have left after the state licensed pirates have stolen half of it from our wage packets.

An increase in the labour, goods and services used by the public sector combined with tax cuts that are not financed in the short term will stimulate demand in Denmark in 2008, while economic growth will fall in the next couple of years, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says in a preliminary version of its latest economic outlook for Denmark.

This stimulus and additional municipal and regional overspending should be avoided or offset by savings elsewhere, the organisation warns.
Growth in the gross domestic product (GDP) has slowed, but the positive output gap remains large, with labour and capacity shortages evident. This is pushing up pay, leading to a loss in Denmark’s competitiveness and a negative impact on growth.

Now I’ll tell you my version of it.

Leave people with the money they earn instead of robbing them blind with taxes and they will not demand high wage rises. Let people spend their money as they will and the wealth spreads naturally. Let people have the money they earn and they will work for it. Increase demand by increased spending power and you will get all the growth you need.

Municipal and regional overspending is due to mismanagement and the bottomless pit effect of using money you don’t own but can raise by unopposable taxation. I have never experienced a public office that has kept its spending within its annual budget. The fear is, that if they do, then they will face budget cuts next year. So spend away, preferably more than allowed, so we can justify an increase next time around. Ever heard of a public savings account? No. Neither have I.
If I get into debt, someone will start writing nasty letters or setting baillifs on me. I have to adjust my expenses according to my income. Show me one public office with that mentality.

I’ve had enough of working for half my wages.

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