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Having a Stab at Crime Prevention

Posted by Exile on December 10, 2007

There is no doubt that things here have taken a turn for the worse in regard to violence on the streets. Every day one can read about stabbings and now even shootings, in the once peaceful land that was Denmark. I can remember coming here almost 25 years ago and thinking how rare it was that one heard of anything remotely violent. Not so today.

A quick look at the news from yesterday; one man in danger of his life after being stabbed, a second got off lightly with stab wounds to his back, a third arrested for stabbing (not much news of his victim) and even one of Bruce Springsteens roadies was stabbed in the thigh after a concert here in Copenhagen after a disagreement over cab sharing. There were also two incidents of shootings.
And there are more today.

Strangely, the Kriminal Præventative Råd, the Danish crime prevention institution, is telling us that there is no reason to be worried and that there is no increase in knife related violence. Guns, apparently, are not a problem.

I beg to differ and with a vengance. There are kids out there with such a low sense of self esteem, that they not only carry weapons into the night life, but are also prepared to use them on innocent people that merely pass them by. It is usually a group of youngsters that are involved and I believe they are performing some right of passage from wannabe, to fully blown gang member. Or is it just a “respect” thing going on internally in the gang?

Who knows? All I know for sure is, that if one of these knife wielding, subintelligent bully boys gets in my face, he’d better look out. I don’t need a knife to defend myself with, but he probably will. And he’d better know how to use it, or he’ll find himself in hospital in no time having his knife extracted from his anus.

The police are being allowed to carry out “stop and search” operations on certain streets. This is very quickly discovered by the turf lords and with the ever busy cell phones, the criminal youngsters are all warned of police whereabouts in seconds. Which is probably why the police aren’t finding weapons.
Denmarks Radio had an in depth research programme go out and ask kids if they had seen weapons on the streets. All three of them said no.
Wow! Convincing imperical evidence if ever I heard it.

But back to the KPR. I don’t believe their explanations stemming from the local hospitals about how many injuries they are treating. I’m not saying the hospitals are lying but I feel the truth is being distorted with statistics. 3% of violent assault ends in knife related violence, they say. They won’t inform us of numbers, merely percentages of numbers. Statistics. And anyone with any understanding of statistics will tell you, statistics can be manipulated to tell you what they want to tell you. Not only that, but on the KPR website there is a little set of numbers for assaults gleaned from police reports. They span the last five years. Here they are.

Half Year



















Let’s look at his for a moment. Take 2006. If these figures are all reported assaults, the KPR’s 3% of 7,390 is 222, rounded up. But we hear of two or three incidents a day. Which is about 730 to 1,095 per annum. This equates to at least 10% up to around 15%. Who’s bullshiting me now?

No increase? Per-lease!! OK, 2004 and 2006 are pretty much the same. Maybe this is why they can say there is no increase. But go further back and you can begin to see the difference.

It makes no sense to me. It appears they are ignoring the sickness and dealing only with the symptoms. For the 7,390 that were attacked and injured last year and for the 3,386 in the first half of this year, this is a real problem. And it is a problem for all of us normal, law abiding, unarmed citizens that go out onto the streets.

However, I get the feeling that the KPR wants us to feel that it isn’t. That this is acceptable. No increase in violence is OK. We don’t need to address the problem of violence because it isn’t increasing. The threat of violence is negligable.

Well, tell the victims that. And all the future victims.

This is not acceptable. This is not what I pay taxes for.


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