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Well Aimed Pebbles

Posted by Exile on December 13, 2007

I don’t normally get involved with other peoples conflicts. I have enough of my own to deal with! But sometimes one has to choose sides or at least say, “OK, you’ve had your say, agree to differ and be done with this issue”.

Anyone that reads the Gates of Vienna blog, or Little Green Footballs, will be aware of the current animosity that is going on concerning the Belgian “Vlaams Belang”, the Flandrian seperatist party that wants to see Flanders free of Belgium and the French Walloon district. The Baron has been defending the VB staunchly, since the counter jihad conference in Belgium, against LGF and Charles Johnson’s charges of white supremacy activists, neo-nazi labelling, antisemistim, extreme right wing-ism and all else evil and unholy. I have to come down on the side of GoV. Mainly because I have met and talked with folk from VB and know a few of them and am aware of their goals. They are not jackbooted thugs, nor are they wearing brown shirts or swastikas. They simply want a free Flanders.

The arguement going on over the blogosphere has been protracted and will probably continue as a sideshow for a while yet.
The latest from GoV is a comparison of the present state of the disagreement to the debunking of the memo known as the “Killian Memo”, the blatantly forged document that discredited Dan Rather and CBS News during the height of the US 2004 presidential campaign. It cost Dan Rather, of CBS, his job and his good reputation.
The GoV tells us, that the truth will out and praises LGF for being at the forefront of that victory over a fraudulent memo and a biased MSM.

The charges against VB by LGF are equally fraudulent. And therein lies the problem. When a well respected and once highly revered blog like LGF gets it wrong, then everyone that reads them gets it wrong. Having been the standard once, having once been seen to be correct on a large issue, is a magnificent credential to have in your back pocket. LGF wasn’t alone in bringing down Rather and his goons. As GoV states;

Needless to say, Mr. Johnson wasn’t the only star of the show. The initial exposé of the Killian memo came from Free Republic. Other prominent bloggers were in the thick of it doing important work, including Power Line, Michelle Malkin, Roger Simon, and Instapundit. Bill at InDC Journal played a crucial role when he contacted an expert on typewriters who made mincemeat of the CBS in-house expert’s laughable assertions. Many other smaller blogs, commenters, and forum posters contributed to the effort. It truly was “an Army of Davids”.

The army of Davids. That’s us. We’re all Davids and we are all fighting giants. However, if one well aimed pebble can change the future, then make sure you are aiming in the right direction.
I have only once involved myself in something that got to be big. I posted a small blog concerning a small group of people calling themselves SIAD. They were not being allowed to protest against islamisation in Denmark. That little blog went round the world. Out of it grew SIOE and the first counter jihad summit in Copenhagen. It made me realise that a well aimed pebble is a frightening weapon to have. One can use it for good or evil, depending on how you view the world. Had I been wrong in my assumptions about SIAD, or not bothered to contact them and find out who they were and what their goals are, then SIOE might never have existed in its present form. One little post in my unobtrusive blog started a Pan-European movement. That is truly scary. And humbling.

A few words for Charles Johnson;

The pen is still mightier than the sword. So be careful who you write about and what you write. Mud sticks. And if it sticks to someone undeserving of it, it is extremely hard to wash it clean again.

Enough mud-slinging.


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