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Darwin and Binge Drinking. The End of Christianity.

Posted by Exile on December 16, 2007

I’ve written before about my dear old, long dead mate, Darwin. The father of the theory of evolution, champion of the thinking man. The last time I wrote about him was when I discovered he was being attacked by islam. Now the christians are also having a go. Or, should I say, a certain group of christian creationists, calling themselves the A H Trust. They are intent on building a creationist theme park in Lancashire, England. The group, comprising a few, apparently well heeled, businessmen, has 3.5 million pounds ready for the project. All they need now, is the location.

I found an article in The Guardian that explains a little of what is going on. Having read that article and visited the AH Trust website, I get the impression that binge drinking is the real source of worry and not so much Darwin’s teachings. From the Guardian:

Peter Jones, one of the Lancashire theme park’s trustees, said the emphasis would be on multimedia rather than the costume re-enactments of famous biblical scenes favoured at Holy Land. [USA, theme park. Exile.] ‘It will be a halfway house for youngsters,’ Jones said. ‘Today all they do is binge drink. We will be able to offer them an alternative.’
On television today there is so much sex and violence, it is no wonder our youth are binge drinking….

And from their website;

Our aim is to give youngsters an opportunity to learn to play music, perform on stage, train as cameramen, lighting engineers, sound engineers, video editors, videographers and ENG operators, and we believe that this unique project will influence an end to binge drinking.

darwinbeer.jpgI see. Sex and violence on TV leads to binge drinking.

Well, well. I thought it was American Idols, or reality TV, whatever that is. That always sends me off to the pub or, at least, has me reaching for the single malt.

I wonder what dear old Charles Darwin would have made of that piece of deduction.

Probably, much the same as I do. Binge drinking is of no help in either sexual or pugilistic affairs. In both cases, the effect of vast quantities of alcohol is detrimental to performance. In evolutionary terms, sex and violence have always had a positive effect, in that the strongest male gets to mate with all and sundry, while the punch drunk loser gets nothing apart from a good hiding. I’m sure even the youngsters are aware of this.
I have difficulty making the same connections as the AH Trust, but I am no creationist, so I am perhaps not the one to judge. But I digress… Sorry!

Back to The Guardian and Mr. Jones again;

‘We will be able to offer them an alternative.’

By producing its own films, the trust believes it will be able to provide an antidote to modern culture.
‘The church in this country is in crisis and many church leaders living in Australia, America and Canada have openly proclaimed that God has left the church in England,’ the trust states on its website.
‘Evolution has falsely become the foundation of our society and we need the television studio to advocate Genesis across this land in order to remove this falsehood, which presently is destroying the church foundation.’

Personally, I thought God died in the trenches in WWI. At least, that what I was told. Which basically means that modern humanity was born out of commonsense and not from the pages of an ancient book which has very little going for it, analytically and scientifically.
Still, it takes a leap of faith to believe that opening a theme park and inviting kids to partake in the making of TV programmes is going to offer any alternative to the weekend pastime of thousands of youngsters who have discovered the euphoric affects of beer, cider, lager and breezers et al. I can well imagine them being there from monday to friday between the hours of nine to five, but I am pretty sure I know where they’re going to be on saturday night. And it won’t be a revival meeting.

Let’s not forget; part of Charles Darwin’s great theory is extinction. Things start, they evolve and some of them end up going nowhere. Maybe we are witnessing the beginning of the extinction of religion. Heaven knows, we would probably be better off without it.

And the extinction of theme parks wouldn’t be a bad thing either!
AH Trust website.
Guardian article.


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