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Royal Pardon for Gang Rape Victim

Posted by Exile on December 18, 2007

It would apper that the international outcry against the barbaric sentencing of a gang rape victim in Saudi has borne fruit. The girl is to be pardoned by the Saudi King Abdullah. Not being able to let it go at that, I decided to see how the Saudi Gazette was reporting this story;

By Mohammed Al-Kinani and Suzan Zawawi.

JEDDAH – King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, has pardoned a Saudi rape victim who had been sentenced to six months in jail and 200 lashes by a court in Qatif, Justice Minister Abdullah Bin Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Aal Al-Sheikh confirmed to the Saudi Gazette, Monday.
The pardon comes for the girl only. Rapists will face their sentences, he said.
“The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques looked at the girl with mercy. He considered the psychological pressure she was going through,” the minister added.
He, however, denied that the pardon meant the sentence was wrong.
“Everywhere in the world, the head of state has the right to pardon and revoke judgment,” he said.

Welcoming the pardon, the woman’s husband said he and the victim as well as the family members were delighted with the news.


Fouzia Al-Ouni, a human rights activist who had been following up the case from the very beginning, said this is a great gesture from King Abdullah, which is not surprising since the King is known for his merciful nature.

An act of mercy then, pardoning the victim of gang rape. The whole idea is outrageous. How could she possibly have been accused of having done anything wrong? But keep your eye on this if you can, there’s more in the offing…

Recently another such case took place in Ahsa, where a young female teacher – now being dubbed as the ‘Ahsa Girl’ – was abducted by her driver who took her to a gang where she was gang raped. However, she went to a police station and filed a case.
Al-Ouni hoped that this case would get a fair deal since the case was lodged the same day unlike the Qatif Girl case, which was filed three months after the rape incident.

Well, what with a merciful nature and all that, I daresay the King will also absolve her from all guilt. Perhaps if they let women drive themselves around, none of this would have to happen.

The Saudi Gazette.

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