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Picture of a Pædophile

Posted by Exile on December 19, 2007

Photographer Stephanie Sinclair has won UNICEFs award for “Photo of the year, 2007”. This photo was taken in Afghanistan and is probably the most hideous image I have ever seen. It depicts a soon to be newly wedded couple. He is over forty, she is eleven.
If that doesn’t have you gagging on your morning coffee, then nothing will.
This despite the fact that the minimum age for marriage in Afghanistan is 16 years. Judging from her expression, the poor girl doesn’t appear to be happy at the idea of being married to this man.
According to Unicef, there are some fifty one million girls between the ages of 15 and 19 that have been forced into marriage. The youngest brides are to be found in Rajastan. 15% of them are not even 10 years old.

I’ve cropped the picture slightly for size.


Sorry Stephanie.


4 Responses to “Picture of a Pædophile”

  1. R.SD said

    And his name? Oh don’t mention it. One might be tempted to compare this man to a well-known Arabic founder of a supremacist ideology …

  2. OmaMeume said

    It is just the picture of Islam.
    Muhammed married a Nineyearold child.
    He is a shining example for all believing Moslems.
    So soon we shall have many children in Europe, who are married with Moslems.

  3. By the look of bliss on the faces of the couple I would say that it is going to be match made in heaven.

  4. Shoprat said

    And our feminists, fighting for equality in America, don’t give a damn.

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