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The Last Night before Christmas

Posted by Exile on December 23, 2007

Well. it is for us over here. We celebrate in the evening on the 24th. I will be working tonight. My dear lady wife has to work tomorrow too. Our Christmas evening will be a little delayed.

santa.jpgI bought the last of my presents today. I will have to wrap one of them later. Mustn’t spoil the surprise for the little lady. Surprisingly, the huge shopping mall was relatively quiet. Maybe most people got round to doing the last minute panic buying yesterday. I have prepared the Christmas tree, it is being decorated by my better half as I write this. It is her turn to decorate it this year. We alternate.

Hopefully I will be finished at work by 02:00. There can’t be that much coming into the depot tonight. one trailer I believe. And then, after that is unloaded and I have locked up, Christmas can begin. Hooray.

Actually I’ve been looking forward to it, for many different reasons. I have quit the present job. So this is the last night shift I will be doing. I have taken my remaining holiday until New Years Day. I start the new job in January. More pay, better hours and I get to sleep in the dark instead of the daylight. Back to a normal daily routine. Free weekends, a social life and time with my family where I am not constantly yawning and fighting to remain awake. My new year looks like it will be a bit happier than the last.

So it really only remains to wish everybody that comes here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks for being with me over the past twelve months and hopefully, I will have the pleasure of your company in the next twelve.

Peace and goodwill to you all from me.

Nothing follows, until after the festivities!

3 Responses to “The Last Night before Christmas”

  1. Mikael said

    And a merry christmas to you and your family. Looking forward to reading you again.


  2. My Dad used to say night work is for cats and whores. I hated them when I worked in the pits. Glad to see you have finally got off that. We have finally got everything in place with all the pagan trimmings Christmas tree single malt and enough food in the fridge for a debauch. Anyway merry Xmas and a happy new year to you and all your family from here in Holland

    Deep Regards

    Yorkshire Miner

  3. A little late (been away from internet, TV, radio and electricity), but nevertheless: Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you too, Exile!

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