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A Most Predictable Death

Posted by Exile on December 27, 2007

If you ever wanted a safe bet, then this would have been it. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated today. One can speculate as to the why and who of this but I found a telling paragraph in the Times;

“When Ms Bhutto returned to Pakistan in October to contest parliamentary elections, after eight years in self-imposed exile, Islamic militants threatened to kill her, branding her as a supporter of Washington’s war on terror and a proponent of women’s rights.”

Which just about sums up the state of afffairs in the latest catalogue of islamic atrocities. Assassinated for being a woman.

I don’t need to write an extensive post here. Everyone else has it and the press is full of the news of her death. Suffice to say, I consider this another act carried out by ardent followers of the religion of peace in the name of their twisted god and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to hear that the perpetrators last words were “allah ahkbar”.

Unless, of course, this is just another zionist plot. Funded, naturally, by the yankee dollar.
Forgive my sarcasm!

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