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Posted by Exile on December 30, 2007

Finally, after years of stupidity and senseless proposals for the good of the Danish public at large, the Danish left wing Socialist Peoples Party have come up with something that I can support. From the Copenhagen Post:

Politicians are airing suggestions to allow topless bathing in public swimming pools.

Women would be allowed to bathe topless in the city’s public swimming pools, if it were up to the Socialist People’s Party in Copenhagen. The party’s MPs in city hall are planning on putting forward a proposal in the new year allowing women to swim topless at public pools.

The suggestion came as a response to a recent campaign by a group of women who, inspired by a similar happening in Sweden, went swimming topless in one of the city’s largest public swimming centres, DGI-Byen. ‘We’re tired of women being sex symbols who aren’t allowed to have hair under their arms or on their legs,’ said Maria Høeg, a spokesperson for the group.
Ninna Thomsen, of the Socialist People’s Party, said that Denmark was a liberal country and topless bathing should be allowable in public swimming pools. She also pointed out that sunbathing topless on beaches had been legal for years.

She did add though, that there would be specific times for topless bathing, so as not to offend those who were not quite so open to the idea.

Yee-ha. Where did I hide my speedo?

OK, I’m not thrilled about the hairy armpits and stuff, but all those boobies bobbing gently on the troubled surface of the swimming pool can’t possibly be bad, can it?

Though I wonder, who could possibly be offended, or not “open to the idea”? Beats the hell out of me!


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