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Home Grown Terrorists. The AFA

Posted by Exile on December 31, 2007

Anyone that knows me knows how I take offence at being called extremist. I am not an extremist. I do not advocate the use of violence, nor do I burn down embassies, attack individuals, nor do I use molotov cocktails to express my point of view. However, there are others that do. One reads so much claptrap about right wing extremism that one would almost believe it existed. The fact is, that the extremism we experience in daily life is mainly left orientated and not right. Take for example, the “Autonome” groups in Denmark. The spoilt youngsters that seem to think it is alright to simply take over buildings and call them their own. The groups that have burnt half of Nørrebro in Copenhagen because the state will not finance their theft of property. Those that attack people like me, for standing up for western values and the preservation of Roman Law in our society. All decidedly left wing extremism at its very best.

These groups are organised. More than one might think. Worst of all, is that they are using a playbook, or parts of it, that was created in the 1980’s by the Bader Meinhoff, et al, and has been rewritten and refined since those far off days.

How do I know this?

afasverige.jpgWell, you have to read the opposition’s websites to find the truth about their activities and, perhaps stupidly, one of them has tipped its hand. An organisation in Sweden calling itself the Antifascist Action group has published the handbooks on urban terrorism, or left wing extremism. They call it “activity” or “action”. The left wing extremists are all “activists”. At least, in their own language.

The books describe, in two seperate texts, how to organise the groups, how to start activities, how to make weapons, how to use them, how to effectively fight the police and so on. The second of the two is particularly graphic in its explanation of how to organise and make use of violence to achieve ones goal.

Perhaps we should thank them. Anything the left can do…. you know what I mean.

Having been directly attacked by these people, or by people affiliated to them, Anders Gravers, head of SIAD and one of the founders of SIOE, has picked up on the Swedish site and has gone to the police with the information about these Antifascist fascists. They are investigating the affair now and the indomitable Mr. Gravers has asked the Danish Peoples Party to get rolling on an inquiry into the Danish side of the whole nasty business. One would be naive to think that our Swedish cousins were not advising and helping to organise similar groups here in Denmark.

Remember please, that these are the same people that accused Vlaams Belang in Belgium of being fascist, racist and so on. In fact anyone disagreeing with them is fascist, racist and so on. Because with these people, if you are not in agreement with them, you must be fascist. They have, after all, declared themselves anti-fascist.

I don’t expect you all to read Swedish. I can read the language, but perhaps not well enough to attempt a full translation. However, just to let you know that I am not giving you a bag of bull, I will provide the links to the AFA Jönköping website where you can see these handbooks for yourselves.

Unlike certain little green bloggers, I do try to check my facts before I take people to task for their activities. Here are the handbooks on left wing extremist urban terror:



Perhaps some kindly Swedish blogger will have a go at translation and let me know of their efforts?


3 Responses to “Home Grown Terrorists. The AFA”

  1. Stephen Gash said

    Excellent article.

  2. Ginro said

    Yes I must agree with Stephen, excellent. You ought to spread this one about a bit more, if you haven’t done so already.

  3. Cavatus said

    I have written more about this political violence by AFA in Sweden here:

    Thanks. I hope you don’t mind, but I fixed the link in your comment so that it now appears as a text link.

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