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First Saudi – Now Britain

Posted by Exile on January 4, 2008

So who’s next? The british blogger “Lionheart” is facing arrest on his return to the UK. Why? Because he is critical of the muslim population in his local area and has been exposing their illegal activities on his blog. He is facing arrest for stirring up racial hatred. He sees it as being arrested for being honest and telling the truth. Having read parts of his blog, I can understand him. He writes nothing more than what has already been reported elsewhere, but with a local interpretation and a good deal of personal conviction. Sometimes, he is even ahead of the press.

I am not a supporter of censorship. I dislike it in all its forms. I particularly dislike it when it carried out by those people that are elected to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Unfortunately, the only ones prepared to really support these freedoms are not available for election. Mainly because you have to have party support to be elected, and the party lines are not exactly supportive of unlimited freedom of speech. Which means they they do not support freedom of speech at all. In fact, I am convinced that they fear it. The truth is a very hard thing to stomach for some of these people. It does not futher their personal goals.

My advice to Lionheart would be to stay in the United States, which is where he claims to be, and seek political asylum there. Think of the public dismay. I wonder what the British MSM would make of that? Probably very little, but someone would perhaps take notice and the public debate might get going.

The British police are merely carrying out the policies laid down by their political masters. Don’t blame them. The politicians are elected by the general public. Maybe we should lay the blame there. The British public are apparently unaware that their freedoms are being eradicated by the very people they have chosen as leaders and defenders of their rights.

If they were aware of this, then things might look a lot different. The public is being misled, lied to and deceived. They simply don’t know it. Or they don’t care. Or maybe both.

I can understand the motivation for censorship in Saudi, ruled by a despotic King in a corrupt country.
I had higher hopes for my homeland.
It would appear, that the last vestages of common sense have evaporated and that the UK is about to do the same. Once the defender of the common man, it has now become the oppressor. Shameful.
I heard my (now late) father talking of “lions led by donkeys”. It would appear that the lions became pussies and the donkeys have become weasels.

I thought my countrymen were made of sterner stuff.

Link: http://lionheartuk.blogspot.com/


2 Responses to “First Saudi – Now Britain”

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  2. USpace said

    Great post on this. Exactly, we can’t stop, WE MUST NOT STOP! We will fight for Lionheart! The ‘Bushies’ would never advocate these legal shenanigans but some of the PIAPS people and Dhimmicrats do and would.

    This ‘Racial & Religious Hatred Act’ is a load of crap. Hopefully it will be scrapped someday when the lawyers start being pressured to use it against Islam’s obvious and much more virulent hate speech.

    This planned arrest is terrible news for Lionheart, Britain and the world.
    Probably the Luton Pakistani Muslim Heroin and crack gang (which is also involved with forcing non-Muslim teen girls into sex-slavery) who he has helped expose pressured the dhimmi pigs to arrest him.

    Too many in the dhimmidiot government in Britain are pathetic and corrupt.
    The EU is showing itself to be very evil in practice as well as most misguided and extremely stupid and ignorant of reality.

    This suppression of free speech will actually cause more violence and hatred of course.
    This case will also serve to educate the masses even more about the evils of Sharia and the importance of standing up to Islam.

    This must be made very public, we should all tell all our friends about this. Spread the word! God bless Lionheart, I believe he will prevail.
    The lawyers on the Right MUST be supported to start fighting this BS more.

    Both ‘The Left’ and ‘The Right’ should be ticked off about this.

    We should tell all the Radio Gods about this. Maybe they’ll rant about it on their shows.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    outlaw most bloggers

    license all the rest
    monitor their writing

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    eliminate FREE speech

    the truth may not be spoken
    if criminals are exposed

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    outlaw self-defense

    exposing violent crimes
    shall be deemed hate speech

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe loves
    corrupt politicians

    offer immigrants welfare
    get their votes to keep your jobs

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    be traitorous garbage

    just destroy your country
    screw your great-granddaughter





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