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Green Greedy

Posted by Exile on January 16, 2008

Just how greedy can you get?

Green tax a state cash cow.

By The Copenhagen Post

The tax minister admits that CO2 levy is solely in place to fill the state treasury.

Companies and private consumers will continue paying an annual DKK 2.6 billion in greenhouse gas taxes despite already paying a similar levy to the EU.

Amid harsh criticism from businesses, private consumers and government ally the Danish People’s Party, Kristian Jensen, the tax minister, openly admitted that the greenhouse gas levy was a source of income for the state and no longer an environmental measure.

The CO2 levy was originally established in 1991 and despite a new greenhouse gas emission tax being imposed by the EU, the previous duty remained in place.

‘I do understand that it may seem incomprehensible to keep a levy that no longer serves an environmental purpose, but we are unable to exempt companies from paying it due to EU legislation,’ said Jensen.

goldstarbullshit-transparency.gifThis has to come under the Bullshit category! Someone somewhere is full of it! Why not simply abolish the national levy and continue with the mandatory EU environmental piracy scam?

Or are we, despite the assurances from Brussels, not a sovereign nation under the EU?


3 Responses to “Green Greedy”

  1. You are technically free, but seeing as 80% of all legislation comes from Brussels you are 20% free. When the new treaty in Lisbon is signed then this % drops to “0” and Denmark like England will become mere provinces, Gulags, of the greater Borg greeting Denmark 8 out of 25, greeting Britain 9 out of 25. Welcome to the brave new world of Eurobia.

    Deep Regards

    Yorkshire Miner

  2. Scott in Fl said

    Here is another candidate for the Bullshit award. Straight out of the Copenhagen Post.

    EU ruling will affect Danish immigration laws

    “Kornums said the shift in tone meant that the Danish authorities would no longer be able to reject applications from citizens merely based on Danish laws”.

    I was just telling my Danish wife that if our individual rights continue to erode here (in the US), maybe we could escape to Denmark.

    I’m having seconds thoughts about that statement now.

  3. melanie said

    Well the carbon trading scheme is just that a scheme that was going broke it was never meant to work just raise money as you might now work out. When will people realise the greedy greens are not god and will never be able to control the weather !

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