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Another Unfortunate Truth – Global Warming Stopped

Posted by Exile on January 22, 2008

Something new happened today in the debate surrounding man made global warming. A professor in the field of physical geography from the Oslo University with the unfortunate name of Ole Humlum, has pointed out that, despite the increase in CO2, the temperature of the world has not increased over the last 10 years. Even more surprising, no-one is denying that he is right. In fact, even some of the “we are doomed” crowd have to agree with him.

Mainly because, he’s right.

The temperatures we experience here in the northern half of the globe have indeed increased slightly. On the other hand, temperatures down south have gone the same way. South. This leads our intrepid Ole Humlum to suggest that the climate models we are using are flawed and that the effect of CO2 is greatly overestimated. In fact, he says he expects it will be colder over the next few years.

Of course there are nay sayers.

Ten years is too short a time span, they say. Funny, they weren’t saying that about their own measurements when the temperature was rising almost daily according to them. Ten years of data was more than long enough.

We don’t fully understand the consequences of a build up of greenhouse gases, they say. Strange. That isn’t what they’ve been telling us for the past god knows how long.
We were all told we were doomed to fry in the deserts of Northern Europe and North America.

Curator Jørgen Peder Steffensen from the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagens University still believes we are heading for global meltdown, but even he has to agree with Humlum. There has been no increase in the global temperature in the last ten years. But he feels it is unreasonable of Ole Humlum to contend, that global warming has stopped simply because the temperature hasn’t risen during the last ten years. We could, he says, just be experiencing a lull in temperature rise. He also doubts Ole Humlums grasp of global climate dynamics.

I daresay Ole Humlum says the same thing about Jørgen Peder Steffensen’s grasp on it too. But you have to admire the mans determination. Just because the temperature hasn’t gone up doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten warmer. Right?


baby-penguin.jpgNever mind the facts, stick to the script. We’ve been saying it’s getting warmer, so getting warmer it is. Even if it does get colder. So there.

It would appear, that all the models we have for predicting our coming apocalyptic climatic future are, well, not quite perfect. In fact, less than accurate. Perhaps even, useless.

This is probably due to some programming error that nature didn’t know about and man made CO2 is oblivious of.

You only get out what you put in.

Ask any programmer.

4 Responses to “Another Unfortunate Truth – Global Warming Stopped”

  1. Larry said

    Any reliable references regarding your claim: “despite the increase in CO2, the temperature of the world has not increased over the last 10 years”?

    Larry Ytuarte
    Las Cruces, NM

    Yep. And I wasn’t the only one who spotted it: See here.
    My sources were in Danish.

  2. Larry said

    Thanks for the data. I’ve heard about the last 10 years’ temperaure stagnation, but it’s nice to actually see how it looks on paper.

  3. […] I know, it’s only eight years into the century, and I know the article also says “2008 is set to be about the 10th warmest year since 1850,” but I also know that “despite the increase in CO2, the temperature of the world has not increased over the last 10 years.” […]

  4. Tom Harris said

    The best graphs of temp are found by clicking on Global Temperature on http://www.climate4you.com/. Yup – no doubt it has been getting colder.

    Tom Harris
    Executive Director
    International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
    P.O. Box 23013
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K2A 4E2


    Well Sir, with those credentials, I am not the one to argue! Thankyou for your comment and your link.

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