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Green Lies – Again

Posted by Exile on January 29, 2008

We smokers are used to the abuse we get nowadays. It doesn’t bother us anymore. Those of us that wanted to give it up have, and those that didn’t haven’t. Smoking bans have driven us onto the streets where we sit or stand and pollute the very air we breathe and are of course guilty of massive genocide by passive smoking. We’ve killed more people than Adolf Hitler and Joe Stalin put together. It doesn’t give me sleepless nights. Traffic pollution and obesity is doing far more to kill people than my pipe and I ever could, but people are still eating and driving cars, aren’t they?
As if the anti smoking crowd wasn’t enough to have to worry about, the greenies are out to spoil our fun now too. Having been driven onto the streets to indulge in our favourite addiction is costing the environment dearly, according the latest outcry from the kermit coloured faction:

Keeping café guests warm while they puff away at their cigarettes [What about us pipe smokers? Ed.] outside has resulted in an increase in the use of gas heaters – and greenhouse gas emissions. Since national ban on smoking in the workplace was enacted in August, restaurant owners have made sure that guests who need to smoke outside are kept warm under gas heaters. The rise in gas heaters has raised concerns with environment experts.
According to a report by the Environment Ministry, a gas heater emits about two tons of greenhouse gasses annually.
Article: Copenhagen Post.

It’s that last sentence that I take issue with. The figure of two tonnes is maybe true enough – if – the gas heater is running at full blast for 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year.
But, of course, it isn’t.

patio-heaters.jpgWhat we are talking about here are patio heaters. They run for a few hours a day in the winter period. Let’s be large about it and say 6 hours a day. That cut the carbon emissions to a quarter right there. And let’s say they run them in the six months period where it is cold in Denmark. Which just reduced the annual emissions by half again. Net result; 250 kg’s per heater. And even that is too high to be realistic, because we are still assuming full effect for all running time.

The same discussion went on in Great Britain some time ago. I went off looking for some figures to compare with these figures that both I and the greenies arrived at. I found some answers at Calors website. Calor Gas is one of the biggest bottled gas suppliers in the UK. They held a press lunch for interested parties and here are a few of the Q&A’s;

Q: I have heard that patio heaters give off over one million tonnes of CO2 emissions – is this true?

A: No, it is grossly inaccurate. This figure was quoted last year in the press but has been recognised as being inaccurate by the Government. The Market Transformation Programme, run by the Government agrees that the UK population of 630,000 domestic patio heaters produces 22,200 tonnes of CO2 – which equates to 35kg per heater.

Q: Apparently patio heaters have pushed up Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions by 380,000 tonnes a year – is this correct? What do you intend to do about it?

A: This figure is grossly inaccurate and highly misleading because it is based on an estimate of the maximum CO2 output of every patio heater in circulation, regardless of how often or long they’re used for.

A more accurate way of measuring emissions from patio heaters is to look at how much gas the market consumes. Market Transformation, the statistics source used by the UK Government, has calculated that the total of around 6,500 tonnes of LPG consumed by the patio heater market would produce just over 22,200 tonnes of CO2, which is around a twentieth of the figure quoted. To put this into perspective this emissions figure equates to just 0.002% of all UK
carbon emissions.

So… who’s bullshitting me now?

The environmental ministry figures are probably equally as inaccurate, misleading and based on an estimate of maximum possible Co2 production per heater per annum.
Let’s assume that because we are a little further North on the average, and therefore Denmark is a little colder than the UK average temperature, we would use the patio heater for a little longer and a probably use a higher effect, one could assume that our CO2 production would be a little higher. A twentieth of two tonnes is 100 kg’s.

Which is still a very long way from the two thousand Kg per heater greenie catastrophe that they would have us believe and still a lot higher than the 35 Kg’s quoted by a company in the know. So much further North, we ain’t.

If deception had a colour these days, it would be green.

Link: Calor


2 Responses to “Green Lies – Again”

  1. Zonka said

    And if we take all of the greenies and send them to some place with a CO2 quota surplus, say Upper Volta or some such place, how much CO2 can Denmark save? Probably more than those patio-heaters are emitting, and as an added benefit, we don’t have to listen to them anymore, and can perhaps have a saner society in the process!

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