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No Wonder I’m Freezin’ My Ass Off

Posted by Exile on February 28, 2008

I have some bad news for all the man made global warming enthusiasts. According to them, the earths temperature has risen 0.7 degrees in the past 100 years. Obviously, this minor incremental change in the temperature of the world is a harbinger of absolute catastrophe and tolls the bell for all humanity. We are doomed.

Well, maybe not.

mmgw.png In the past year – that is one year – the earths temperature has fallen by, wait for it, about 0.7 degrees. Which means that global warming has been reversed and we are now at the same temperature we were at the change of the century, year 1900. Global warming has been eradicated. I want my green taxes back. Backdated 100 years. And an apology from Al Gore. And bloody Greenpeace.

This temperature crash is not merely a brash statement being made by little me. It is fact and has been published by four of the major climate watchers.

Obviously this is not going to be found on CNN. Or the BBC. Or any other major news outlet. So, I’m doing my best to get the word out now. If this continues, we will be in a new ice age in about 100 years time. Of course, it won’t matter to us by then but I like to think in terms of coming generations.
First the hard evidence:

This is from NASA:


Remote Sensing Systems, Santa Rosa:


University of Alabama, Huntsville (UAH)


UK’s Hadley Climate Research Unit


I know the greenies are going to tell us that this is insignificant and not trustworthy and that there must a thousand things wrong with the data and so on. After all, they wouldn’t want us to think that we can trust these outrageous claims by some of the worlds leading climate watchers. I can’t help but wonder what the outcry would be if the figure showed a 0,7 degree RISE in temperature but that is another story.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how they react to this if it becomes public knowledge. And it should become public knowledge. Because the green crowd have had far too much say in what we do and how we live and how our money is being spent and wasted over the past ten years or so.

Now spread the word. Global warming is a hoax. A farce. A license to strip you of hard earned cash by unnecessary taxation. Nothing more and nothing less.

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The Evolution of Devolution

Posted by Exile on February 27, 2008

With the recent creation of the state of Kosovo, I anticipate a round of declaration of several independencies, all recognised by the USA and the EU. I don’t actually support the Kosovo idea, for once I find myself in agreement with Putin. He is obviously worried about the further break up of the former soviet union as small states declare their independence from mother Russia. An old problem, a new era.
unavngivet.pngMy thoughts go more toward the EU and the downfall of the same. With growing discontent among the captive people trapped within the EU I expect to see a little revolution now. After all, if Kosovo can, then so can others.

I welcome, therefore, the independent states of Scotland and Wales, having now seen the way forward. The United Kingdom is not so united anymore.

Catalonia is to be congratulated on its freedom from Spain. Likewise, the new state of Basquerland.

Welcome Free Flanders. Sorry about the French enclave of Brussels, but you may be able to ethnically cleanse that area given the time. Wallonia has now returned to Greater France for social welfare purposes.

Northern Italy will prosper now that it has freed itself from Rome. Southern Italy has declared itself a disaster area and is looking to the EU for economic aid. Sicily is also welcomed as a free island state, vis-a-vis Malta and Sardinia.

Crete is finally free of Athens and the rest of Greece.

The Danish minority in Germany is welcomed back to Denmark. Likewise, the German minority in Jutland is devolved back to Germany from Denmark.

Skåne has declared itself Danish again. Sweden is still in shock but is prepared to accept refugees from the area.

European Union?

Where? And for how long?

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Silent Protest

Posted by Exile on February 24, 2008

We all know that a picture says a thousand words, even though the message is usually conveyed in fewer than that. I am talking about those universal, easily understood and invariably “No” signs. No smoking, no food, no ice cream, no.. just about anything these days. How often have you seen a sign that actually allows you to do something? They are extremely rare.
The “no something” signs are usually posted by the holier than thou crowd. The know-alls. The do-gooders. Health fanatics. The whiners. Spoilsports. All those people who haven’t got a life and don’t want you to have one either. Generally, they have no reason, right or legal back up to paste these forbidding signs up. They are arbitrary declarations of “Do no whatever it is I dislike”.
Ever had the urge to fight back? To do the unallowed right there? Of course you have, but your polite upbringing and the now widespread respect for everybody but yourself will not allow you to do whatever it is the sign says you can’t.
I’m sure you are all familiar with the signs here, there are many others.
I recently joined a forum for smokers. They aren’t fanatics, they merely want the freedom to choose. For example, why should all the pubs in Great Britain be subject to a total and all encompassing ban on smoking? Why are there no “smoking pubs” and only “no smoking pubs? Why has that choice been removed? Even some landlords and their staff smoke. But not in the pub. They have to go outside. The landlord can’t smoke in his own home. It is ruining the trade. Pubs are closing all over the country because the people who used to go there to socialise don’t go there any more. The non-smokers don’t go there either. Mainly because there are so few left to socialise with. Something is very wrong when even the non-smokers go outside in the cold and wet to the smokers area simply for the lack of human contact inside the bar. Nobody likes to be treated like a second class citizen, so the pub-goers are staying at home and drinking with friends in their own living rooms. Smokers and non smokers alike.
This is what any total ban brings. It is a silent revolt by many mistreated people. Unfortunately, many innocent people are losing their livelihoods because of it and a thoughtless, we-know-best government decision to remove the possibility of choice from the people.

forumdemo-2.pngOne smart person has come up with a simple device for anyone and everyone who is feeling similarly oppressed by any ban. One simply attacks the sign. Not by destruction or defacement. More by embellishment. He has suggested that we print up a simple sign of an eagle. The bird, in its present position, is well known from the nazi era of the last century.
Sticking the eagle above the sign gives it a superb quality which basically says it all. Any sign can be embellished in this way, making it very clear what state the country now appears to be in.


How about that for silent protest?

My many thanks to “Hughster”, from the F2C website.

Crossposted on The Exile files.

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The Lack of Indignation

Posted by Exile on February 23, 2008

Many moons have passed, said on old indian chief… and we all know how they ended up!

indignation.jpgIneed, many moons have passed since the world famous Danish motoons were published, yet the republication has brought a mournful response from the oh-so enraged and violently mistreated muslim world. To put my spin on it, the reaction has been somewhat, well, pitiful.
A week and a half later, the protests are still filtering into our daily news, as if Denmark was in any way affected by the rantings of a crowd of ill educated foreign moonbats some thousands of miles away. Here’s a quick summary of the latest goings on in the ummah, acording to what I can find in the latest news:

Sudan. A country on which Denmark is absolutely not dependant for anything as they produce nothing of value to us, although they do get a fair wedge of cash from us.
Flag burning as usual. This was to be expected. 200 people gathered together, burnt a flag, demanded the ending of diplomatic relations with Denmark, the start of a boycott on Danish goods and that Osama bin Laden attack Denmark immediately.

Ooooh! That worried us. And probably worried Osama too.

Pakistan. Seen in the larger picture, about as important to us as Sudan.
More flag burning by about 150 people from the jihadi organisation, Jamaat-i-Islam party, in front of a mosque. The people demanded the ending of diplomatic relations with Denmark. Cries of “Death to the cartoonists”.
Which was what prompted the reprinting of the cartoons in the first place. The planning of the murder of Kurt Westergaard.

Well. Now we are really getting the jitters over here.

Iraq. We don’t need their oil so screw them, but we do have a few troops down there, doing a great job of fighting the ignorant and the perverse ideology.
You guessed it, flag burning.. Yawn. But at least they tried a bit harder, gathering a few thousand shia sons of mohammed together for a quick anti Denmark demo. Demands are similar to the other two; break off diplomatic ties with Denmark, declare Denmark an enemy of god.

Yes, yes, that’ll show us, won’t it? There’s nothing quite like being declared an enemy of god. Wow. I bet this will keep us awake at nights.

Gaza. These people have had 60 years to create their own state and haven’t managed to put spade to earth yet, so they aren’t really any threat to a well organised society like ours. They are dependant on our cash, although this seems to have slipped their feeble, deranged and enraged minds.
Standard burning of a flag. It’s getting boring now, but hey, they aren’t reknowned for innovation and invention. Still, they tried and about 200 demonstrators in Rafah burned American, Israeli and Danish flags. The people then demanded an official apology and a trial, stating that they would not settle for less.

(A trial? What? Before demanding death? That is new. Do I detect some progress here?)

Well, they’re going to have to settle for less, because they ain’t gettin’ either.

Jordan. This is new. No burnt flags. For some strange reason, unions have demanded harsh economic sanctions against Denmark.

Like, that’s really going to happen.

Bunch of sandmonkeys.

If this is the best the ummah can muster, then I’d say that we’re winning. Despite what we might hear.

Frankly fellas, I’m disappointed with the lack of indignation. I had hoped to see thousands of enraged moonbats with self inflicted headwounds bleeding on the streets of every muslim land around the world. I wanted protest and carnage beyond the normal. I wanted wailing women in black tents beating themselves with whatever it is they usually use to beat themselves with. Dead camels and burnt out sandboxes. Upturned Toyotas and all that stuff.

You know. The normal muslim reaction.

Oh well. Never mind. I’m off to draw mohammed and then it’s off to the toilet.

Do I need to draw you a picture of what comes next?

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Ban ki-Moon-bat

Posted by Exile on February 21, 2008

caribankimoon.gifIt would appear that the change of leadership in the UN with the swapping of Kofi for ki-Moon has not brought any serious change. The moonbat-like Moon has come out of the woodwork and has pronounced his sentence on Denmark and the motoons. Following Annans line in 2006, he has come down on the side of censorship instead of freedom of the press. According to his spokeswoman, Marie Okabe:

“The Secretretary General believes absolutely that the freedom of expression should be used responsibly and in a way that respects all religions.”

Well well. Wasn’t that to be expected.

What about all the religions respecting the rules and regulations in a normal civil society? Why isn’t he holding them accountable?
He could have added that “religion should be used responsibly and in a way that respects all human rights and respects the laws of the land in which it now finds itself”.
Why have I never heard that side of the arguement form the UN? Until the UN, and thereby Ban-ki Moon, starts holding the muslims accountable for their actions on an equal footing with the rest of the citzens of the world, then nothing is going to change.

It’s high time the UN removed its head from its arse.

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Of Laws and Lousy Press in Denmark

Posted by Exile on February 19, 2008

Rarely do I pay much attention to the political commentators that come out of the woodwork when anything extraordinary happens here. Even rarer, when these commentators come from the left wing and have a background bound up in social democracy. I simply don’t trust them. But since the start of the car burnings and the container grill parties and so on began last week, a few things have been nagging at me about the way the press have handled the whole situation. Finally I came across an article written by Ralf Pittelkow, a political commentator and debateur on the Jyllands Postens webside. He crystalised in one article what I have been trying to put my finger on for days. The absolute reversal of the truth by the MSM.

He starts by explaining that the present crime wave began after the arrest of two tunisians for planning to murder Kurt Westergaard, cartoonist and now the top target for muslim murder plans. The resulting muslim violence following those arrests started in Copenhagen, carried out by the children of immigrant muslims and soon spread to other areas. The press interviewed some of these youngsters and, on national TV, we were told by these same youngsters, that these two would-be murderers were innocent victims of a witch hunt being carried out by the Danish authorities. No one was asked to challenge that idiotic theory. No counter arguement was to be heard.
The whole journalistic approach was to paint these two as victims of Danish anti-terrorist laws. Even the wives of these two thugs were allowed to pop up on the screen proclaiming their victim status and the innocence of their jihadi menfolk. Unchallenged.

We then heard a lengthy debate, which is still continuing, challenging what is already the law, regarding the prompt and immediate expulsion of these two without further need for trial. That law is in place. It is valid. It is designed specifically to rid us of unwanted would-be terrorists. It is designed to protect us from them if we can expose them before they get the chance to kill us. Again, the opponents of this law were there in hordes. No one challenged them on the TV. The representation was all one way.

Pittelkow also points out, that another obvious challenge for the press was to shed some light on how islamism appears to allow and inspire groups of muslims all over the world to react to any criticism with death threats and acts of violence. I realise that minority complexes are hard to rid ones self of after fourteen hundred years of failure but few others seem to have grasped that nettle yet. So just what is it that makes the Motoons so unique and why should they be setting a precedent?
The answer, according to Pittelkow, is that up until now, blasphemy in islam was confined to islam and islamic lands. Now it would appear that we are under pressure to adopt the islamic idea of blasphemy outside of islam and outside of islamic countries.
Personally, I will not respect it. No more than I respect any other superstitious nonsense.
Nor does Kurt Westergaard. And that is what makes him the target for these murdering swine. And that is our crime. We will not adopt their ideas in our land.
The press failed to notice this completely.

In this pædagogique, islamism is not a deeply antidemocratic and fascist ideology that should be fought with the same vigour that we brought to bear on nazism and communism. Islam is presented here as the understandable, even acceptable, reaction by the muslims to our “offences” against islam. Islamism is therefore, you guessed it, our fault. Which means that the two tunisians planning to murder Kurt W. were driven to it by us.

TV2, one of the national Danish TV stations, had an anchorman on the ten o’clock evening news asking his guest if it was the anti-terror laws that are in fact the cause of radicalisation amongst muslims? Was it terrorists that led to those laws being adopted, or is it not those laws that are producing terrorists? Fifth column? You tell me.
If ever they needed an excuse to plan murder, burn and vandalise, he gave it to them.

DR, the Danish public service channel, were equally as guilty. Proclaiming that the motoons had caused the deaths of hundreds and completely omitting to say just who those hundreds were and who had killed them. Certainly not the ones that drew the pictures. Those deaths were caused only by the overreaction generated by muslim “leaders” all over the world and completely neglected to say that most of those killed were, in fact, other muslims in muslim lands.

One would have hoped that someone from the government would have stood up and defended the existing laws, explaing the how and why they are formed as they are. But no. Our intrepid integrations minister strangely decided to cast himself into a principial debate about the future of our anti-terror laws in the middle of a discussion on the propriety of the expulsion of the two tunisians. One wonders why? This is tantamount to cowardice in the field in the face of the enemy. The man should be removed from office immediately. He could have drawn the line, but instead, he drew a blank.

Put bluntly; The press here sucks. It is suffering from some form of social democratic, communist, extreme left wing illness, that blinds it from the truth. We are at war. The clash of civilisations has begun. Or at least, the clash of western civilisation with the barbaric muslim ummah. I don’t consider the ummah to be civilised.

As Pittelkow says in his closing statements: “Every media source with any respect for itself must bore into this affair. Every media source with any respect for itself should also bore into the reasons why and how we have arrived at this point, where the Danish society, once again, should have to defend itself against a totalitarian ideology and its total disrespect for human life.”

Amen to that, Brother Pittelkow. Amen to that.

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Hizb ut-Tahrir Feeling Victimised in Denmark

Posted by Exile on February 19, 2008

Hizb ut-Tahrir is tolerated here in Denmark, though goodness only knows why. A more anti-democratic and anti western organisation would be hard to find anywhere on this earth. In fact, the organisation is illegal in Germany.
Since the arrest of the five jihadis that were planning Kurt Westergaards demise, they have been extremely busy in Denmark spreading their hatred in the form of printed leaflets demanding that the muslims stand together against what they call “a conspiracy” against Islam. Never mind the conspiracy to kill Kurt W., they are the victims.

I have attempted a translation of these leaflets:

“Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark calls upon you to be aware of the intrigue planned against you and your Islam in this land and encourages you to stand firm as a unified column as Allah, the almighty, orders you: A watertight, solid dam against these political- security- and media driven witch hunt marked with a deep hatred and animosity toward Islam, the prophet and all muslims.

We call upon you to answer decisively to these insults of our honoured prophet.

The reactions of the Danish politicians, the concensus among the leading editors to publicise the hateful drawings and the remarkable official support of and congratulatory approval of the PET points only to a speculative and planned conflict which could not achieve its goal two years ago when the insulting drawings were first made public.

The truth is that [they] wish to subdue all muslims by tyranny and attack and force them to succumb to the false western culture, secularism, democracy and the “freedom of expression”, and to terrorise muslims for the purpose of leading them from Islam, the quran and the worship of the prophet muhammed and the following of his sharia, which the Danish government sees as the main hindrance for the success of their integration policies.”

Now, would somebody please explain to me, why are these people here? Why are they allowed to be in this country? How long will it be before somebody, somewhere, in a position of power, decides that enough of this claptrap is enough?
These people obviously do not want to be in this land and live by its laws, nor do they respect the will of the native population. If they are so much against democracy and secularism, why don’t they just push off back to the sandbox and camel shit they came from?

My patience is just about used up.

And I don’t think I’m alone on that score either.

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Lionheart Makes Local Headlines

Posted by Exile on February 17, 2008

lionheartblogger.jpgLionheart is back in the news. I received an e-mail today that linked me to an article in the local Luton rag describing Lionhearts attempts to seek political asylum in the States.
Having read the article, I can only assume that it was written by a fifteen year old with a lack of journalistic finesse. Here it is, as it appears on the aforementioned link.

A controversial ‘web logger’ from Dunstable is seeking asylum in America because he faces arrest in the UK for stirring up racial hatred.

-No doubt here in the headline. He has been stirring up racial hatred.

Paul Ray, who regularly writes an online diary as ‘Lionheart’, was due to attend Bedford’s Greyfriars Police Station on February 18 as part of Bedfordshire Police’s investigation into his blog. However, he has decided to apply for political asylum in America because he risks charges which carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years.

His blog includes his opinions on the heroin trade, Islamic fundamentalism and police corruption.

Mr Ray, 31, speaking to told Luton on Sunday on the phone from South Carolina, said : “I was going to meet Bedfordshire Police on Monday. But I don’t want to come back to England and get arrested.
I had death threats in Dunstable and I wrote everything down. I did it because if anything happened to me then I wouldn’t just be another statistic. I have just written my thoughts down while I have been on the run. I am applying for political asylum on the grounds of political persecution and human rights issues. All I’ve done is written words on a blog. That doesn’t befit a prison sentence.”

-Mr Ray, 31, speaking to ..whom? .. told Luton on Sunday..

Mr Ray, who used to have a flat in Great Northern Road and a computer shop on Albion Street, claims he has received death threats.

-He claims.. Never mind what the man said five lines ago. Cast a little doubt on the mans honesty here. 

He admits his reactions to this in his blog may be considered ‘over the top’ but maintains he has a right to write his beliefs.
He has been in South Carolina dodging arrest after receiving an email from Bedfordshire Police’s DC Ian Holden on January 3.

-He is obviously wanted in South Carolina? What for?

The email said: ‘The offence that I need to arrest you for is ‘Stir up Racial Hatred by displaying written material’ contrary to sections 18(1) and 27(3) of the Public Order Act 1986. You will be arrested on SUSPICION of the offence. You would only be charged following a full investigation based on all the relevant facts and CPS consent.”

Mr Ray added that he will return to Britain unless Bedfordshire Police confirm they are going to cease their investigation.

-Something wrong here. I believe that he won’t return to the UK unless Bedfordshire Police confirm they are going to cease…

A spokeswoman for Bedfordshire Police said: “We contacted him to say that when he returns to this country we would like to see him.

“We have got a complaint about his blog. That is the whole point of this exercise. We have spoken to him like we would with any other crime.”

-Yeah. Right.

All the bold red script is mine.

And just so you can check that what I write is correct, here is the same link:

Luton on sunday.

Lionheart, I wish you luck. This newspaper has you hung already.

This has to get more media coverage. A Brit seeking political asylum in America has got to lift some eyebrows somewhere. It has certainly lifted mine.

Freedom of expression in the UK? In a pigs eye!

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Copenhagen by Night

Posted by Exile on February 16, 2008

The last week has been a bit rough if you live in the centre of Copenhagen, especially around Nørrebro. Fires, noise and screaming sirens have been a part of the evening entertainment for all the residents of that area of town.

The whole hooha started following the arrest of five people of “other origin than Danish” for planning the murder of Kurt Westergaard. Strike one for the PET, the police intelligence service. The muslim street wasn’t going to let that go by unnoticed. Since then, there has been a string of nightly carbequeues and container bonfires plus the destruction of public property such as schools. The police have done what they could, the fire departments have put out the fires as best they could and life has otherwise gone on unabated.

The police have been frustrated by the youngsters hit and run tactics. They obviously can’t be on every street corner all the time and the youths have been taking advantage of this. The police however, are getting a remarkable number of these hooligans under control and are making arrests. This is probably due to the citizens of the most affected areas. They are fed up with the trouble and are now taking photos or video film of the young jihadis and sending them on to the police. Who said filming the streets wouldn’t help in crime control?

The reprinting of the Motoons has been used as an excuse to riot. But any excuse would have done the trick. Do they even need an excuse any more? I think the public mind is turning. The Danes will not put up with this forever. Perhaps as a result of this, the muslim “Fathers Group”, a loose organisation of muslim men with children of differing ages has been out on the streets and is trying to dampen the activities of these vandals. They obviously don’t want to risk the growing threat of deportation instead of integration for the actions of their wayward kids.

All in all, it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as the rioting in Paris was. In fact, one can’t even say there was a riot. Just a continuing wave of criminal activity concentrated on burning cars and containers.

While I’m on the subject of burning cars, I just want to make it clear.. anyone, and I mean anyone, hanging around my car at night had better look out. I will whack ’em first and ask them who they are and what they want afterwards.

See.. I’ve already had enough.

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Witchcraft in Saudi

Posted by Exile on February 15, 2008

I can never quite get to grips with the mentality of Saudis. They live in a state with pots of money. They could live a wonderful life on the profits from oil production. They could build and run some of the worlds finest schools and universities and easily step into the 21st century. They could. And yet they haven’t. Which is sad. Especially for one woman I read about today. She is illiterate. She was arrested by the religious police, mistreated and forced to fingerprint a written confession which she cannot read. She is, according to her accusers, a witch and she has been sentenced to death.

Human Rights Watch is involved now and I found this on the BBC website:

Human Rights Watch has appealed to Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a woman convicted of witchcraft. In a letter to King Abdullah, the rights group described the trial and conviction of Fawza Falih as a miscarriage of justice. The illiterate woman was detained by religious police in 2005 and allegedly beaten and forced to fingerprint a confession that she could not read. Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.

Human Rights Watch said that Ms Falih had exhausted all her chances of appealing against her death sentence and she could only now be saved if King Abdullah intervened.

The US-based group is asking the Saudi ruler to void Ms Falih’s conviction and to bring charges against the religious police who detained her and are alleged to have mistreated her. Its letter to King Abdullah says the woman was tried for the undefined crime of witchcraft and that her conviction was on the basis of the written statements of witnesses who said that she had bewitched them.

Human Rights Watch says the trial failed to meet the safeguards in the Saudi justice system.

The confession which the defendant was forced to fingerprint was not even read out to her, the group says. Also Ms Falih and her representatives were not allowed to attend most of the hearings. When an appeal court decided she should not be executed, the law courts imposed the death sentence again, arguing that it would be in the public interest.

witchinaburkha.jpgWitchcraft? Come off it. Surely that can’t be right. “Among her accusers was a man who alleged she made him impotent.” In that case, Hillary Clinton is also a witch. Every time I look at her picture it turns me right off sex. And as for this poor woman being executed serving the public interest? That’s ridiculous. More like public entertainment.

How can this happen in what is supposed to be a civilised country?

These people are still living in the middle ages. What more proof do you need.

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