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Is This Screenshot an Islamic Miracle?

Posted by Exile on February 3, 2008

word-verification.jpgWhile commenting on Gates of Vienna’s excellent blog, I got the following word verification from blogspot: I just had to take a screenshot, or no one would believe me…

Never mind the allah fish.. this is an internet miracle from a random generator.

My life.. they’re everywhere…!!

I wonder, now that their god has obviously chosen to contact me directly, am I the next mohammed?

Feel free to comment.

2 Responses to “Is This Screenshot an Islamic Miracle?”

  1. dymphna said

    Now you have to find a nine-year-old.

    And cut off the heads of a few hundred villagers.

    Get to work!

    Maybe I don’t want this job after all!

  2. JJ said

    Blessed you are my friend. May the testicles of a thousand goats appear in your freezer for your palates pleasure.

    Steady on, JJ… steady on.

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