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More Inconvenience

Posted by Exile on February 3, 2008

I’ll bet you haven’t heard of Henrik Svensmark. Until a little earlier today, neither had I. Henrik works as an atomic physics proffessor in the Danish National Space Center, formerly known as the Danish Space Research Institute. He doesn’t put rockets into space. He studies the universe. In 2001, he had a sneaking suspicion that cosmic radiation, including that from the sun and other exploding entities out in the vast frontiers of space, were affecting our global climate. Here’s a copy of the opening text of a pdf file explaining the experiments he intended to carry out to determine if this was so.

2 May 2001

CERN, 18-20 APRIL 2001

Executive Summary.

Recent observations suggest that cosmic rays may play a significant role in the climate. In particular, satellite data have revealed a surprising correlation between cosmic ray intensity and the fraction of the Earth covered by low clouds. Since the cosmic ray intensity is modulated by the solar wind, this could provide an important clue to the long-sought mechanism connecting solar and climate variability. Moreover, if this connection were to be established, it could have significant consequences for our understanding of the solar contributions to the present global warming, since the cosmic ray intensity has fallen during the 20th century due to a more-than-doubling of the strength of the solar wind.

mmgw.pngHe then went on, with several like minded types, to conduct lengthy experiments at the CERN institute. His findings, six years on, are going to be a bit of a blow to the man made global warming crowd. As he explains;

“Cosmic radiation has fallen by 15 percent in the last 100 years. This has led to the formation of fewer low clouds over the surface of the earth. Low clouds have a cooling effect in the atmosphere and, because there are fewer of them, we have a possible and plausable explanation for part of the temperature increase of 0.7 degrees which has taken place during the last 100 years.”

He then adds;

“The greenhouse effect may play a role in all this, but all the absolute claims of temperature increase being caused by CO2 alone do not have scientific credibility. It is guesswork.”

He goes on to explain, that the extra activity in the heliosphere, solar wind if you like, is protecting the earth from cosmic radiation. It is this radiation which produces the low clouds.
More solar wind, less cosmic radiation, less low cloud, less cooling effect. Simple and elegant.

Which adds another little bit to the pile of growing and valuable evidence against man made global warming. And adds a little more to my growing dislike of green taxes. Why should I be punished for the activity of the sun?

What would Al Gore think of all this *inconvenience*?

Link: Danish Space Research Institute. DSRI

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