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The W.H.O. is My Shepherd – I Do Not Want

Posted by Exile on February 8, 2008

The World Health Organisation has just released a report claiming boldly that one billion people will die from the practise of smoking tobacco in this century.

My first question is; So what? But I’ll get back to that later.

Let’s look at the report and it’s spokespeople.
These death sentenced billion people will die despite the harsh and somewhat exagerated rules about not smoking in public places and, according to the report, this is a ‘problem’ that must be addressed. The report also describes the varying rules in different lands on smoking restrictions stating that in 40 percent of the countries that have these restrictive laws, one can still smoke in hospitals and schools. Four out of five deaths due to tobacco smoking will happen in the less developed areas of the world.
None of the worlds countries follow the WHO policies on smoking.

The WHO’s director, Margaret Chen says that, “As a globalised society, we cannot let this happen.”

My next question is; Why not?

The WHO presented its report in New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had this to say: “As long as there are smokers, there is a job to be done.”

Douglas Bettcher, leader of the WHO anti smoking campaign said, in july last year that, “Tobacco is a product that kills half of its users.”

Now, let’s get real here. The bad news is that we are all going to die anyway. Sooner or later. Of one thing or another. Sorry folks, it’s a fact. So, in answer to my first question, I don’t really care. I know I am not immortal. For me, the simple pleasure I get from lighting a pipe and relaxing while I puff away watching my TV or reading the newspaper, or just to please myself, is immeasurable and none of WHO’s business. It’s my choice. I know the risks involved. But for me it is all about the quality of life, not quantity. I do not consider my life, or the living of it, a job for anyone else than me. In fact, I resent that remark from New Yorks finest idiot. As for Douglas Bettcher, thanks. 50/50 is as good a set of odds as I’ll get anywhere. Just crossing the road here is more dangerous.

Even non smokers get cancer. And they will all die too, sooner or later , of something. So will all the health fanatics in the world.

So, WHO, butt out.

As for question two, why should the globalised society be allowed to dictate my choices in life? Let’s face it, all human activity is potentially lethal.
How many people will die in traffic accidents? Should we ban traffic? Or pedestrianism? Obesity? Let’s ban food. Air crashes? Ban planes. Old age? Kill ’em while they’re young. Starvation? …? I don’t know. But you get my point, I’m sure.
I would have thought, that if the globalised society, whatever that may be, wanted to decrease the loss of life, then why not start by banning the production of firearms, hinder the creation of despot dictators, support the war on terror… etc.
The globalised society is apparently quite happy to let all these things continue and “happen”.

Either way, I don’t give a damn about the findings or predictions from the WHO. As long as there are tobacco producers out there, I will choose to smoke my pipe, or cigarettes, or even a good cigar.

I will choose…!

I don’t need a nanny state, or globalised society, to tell me how to live my life. It’s my business.

By the way, the WHO can’t do math. The latest published figures have noted 5.4 million deaths each year due to tobacco smoking. (I don’t believe it. Unproven. A myth, as big as man made climate change.) There are one hundred years in a century. 100 times 5,4 million is only half of 1 billion. Plus the fact, that we are fewer smokers as years go by, I would say they are well off the mark.

But that is scare-mongering in a nutshell.  Here’s another inconvenient truth. People don’t die from smoking. They die from diseases that are aggravated by smoking.

Now, where’s my pipe?

One Response to “The W.H.O. is My Shepherd – I Do Not Want”

  1. “But that is scare-mongering in a nutshell. Here’s another inconvenient truth. People don’t die from smoking. They die from diseases that are aggravated by smoking.”

    That’s why you’ll never see on a death certificate: Cause of Death: Smoking!

    Exactly! I see I have found a kindred soul. The only way to die directly from inhaling tobacco smoke would to be trapped in the curing barn whilst it was burning to the ground. Cause of death would be smoke poisoning. But that would be true of any barn, even if it was full of environmentally friendly ecological hay!

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