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Cartoonist Murder Plot Foiled

Posted by Exile on February 12, 2008

The police in Århus, Denmark, were particularly busy last night. They went to Gjellerup Parken, the biggest ghetto in Århus and arrested five people for planning to murder the cartoonist Kurt Vestergaard. Kurt is the guy who drew the now infamous cartoon of muhammed with a bomb in his turban. Details are a bit sparse at the moment but the news reports on the TV say that, “three Danes and two foreigners” have been arrested after a surveillance operation by the police intelligence agency, PET. The naming of nationalities must be taken with the ususal grain of salt. I doubt they are blonde- or red haired nordic Danes called Jens, Hans or Peter. The surveillance operation has lasted some three months and culminated yesterday evening.

mo.jpgIf, and that’s a big if, you haven’t seen Kurt Vestergaard’s drawing, here it is, to the right. I like the drawing. It speaks the proverbial thousand words.

Kurt Vestergaards reaction to the whole affair? “I’m 72 years old now. When you reach that age, you aren’t really much afraid of anything.”

Kurt still lives underground, two years after the motoon affair. Talk about a sheltered life.


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