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Hizb ut-Tahrir Feeling Victimised in Denmark

Posted by Exile on February 19, 2008

Hizb ut-Tahrir is tolerated here in Denmark, though goodness only knows why. A more anti-democratic and anti western organisation would be hard to find anywhere on this earth. In fact, the organisation is illegal in Germany.
Since the arrest of the five jihadis that were planning Kurt Westergaards demise, they have been extremely busy in Denmark spreading their hatred in the form of printed leaflets demanding that the muslims stand together against what they call “a conspiracy” against Islam. Never mind the conspiracy to kill Kurt W., they are the victims.

I have attempted a translation of these leaflets:

“Hizb ut-Tahrir in Denmark calls upon you to be aware of the intrigue planned against you and your Islam in this land and encourages you to stand firm as a unified column as Allah, the almighty, orders you: A watertight, solid dam against these political- security- and media driven witch hunt marked with a deep hatred and animosity toward Islam, the prophet and all muslims.

We call upon you to answer decisively to these insults of our honoured prophet.

The reactions of the Danish politicians, the concensus among the leading editors to publicise the hateful drawings and the remarkable official support of and congratulatory approval of the PET points only to a speculative and planned conflict which could not achieve its goal two years ago when the insulting drawings were first made public.

The truth is that [they] wish to subdue all muslims by tyranny and attack and force them to succumb to the false western culture, secularism, democracy and the “freedom of expression”, and to terrorise muslims for the purpose of leading them from Islam, the quran and the worship of the prophet muhammed and the following of his sharia, which the Danish government sees as the main hindrance for the success of their integration policies.”

Now, would somebody please explain to me, why are these people here? Why are they allowed to be in this country? How long will it be before somebody, somewhere, in a position of power, decides that enough of this claptrap is enough?
These people obviously do not want to be in this land and live by its laws, nor do they respect the will of the native population. If they are so much against democracy and secularism, why don’t they just push off back to the sandbox and camel shit they came from?

My patience is just about used up.

And I don’t think I’m alone on that score either.


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