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Of Laws and Lousy Press in Denmark

Posted by Exile on February 19, 2008

Rarely do I pay much attention to the political commentators that come out of the woodwork when anything extraordinary happens here. Even rarer, when these commentators come from the left wing and have a background bound up in social democracy. I simply don’t trust them. But since the start of the car burnings and the container grill parties and so on began last week, a few things have been nagging at me about the way the press have handled the whole situation. Finally I came across an article written by Ralf Pittelkow, a political commentator and debateur on the Jyllands Postens webside. He crystalised in one article what I have been trying to put my finger on for days. The absolute reversal of the truth by the MSM.

He starts by explaining that the present crime wave began after the arrest of two tunisians for planning to murder Kurt Westergaard, cartoonist and now the top target for muslim murder plans. The resulting muslim violence following those arrests started in Copenhagen, carried out by the children of immigrant muslims and soon spread to other areas. The press interviewed some of these youngsters and, on national TV, we were told by these same youngsters, that these two would-be murderers were innocent victims of a witch hunt being carried out by the Danish authorities. No one was asked to challenge that idiotic theory. No counter arguement was to be heard.
The whole journalistic approach was to paint these two as victims of Danish anti-terrorist laws. Even the wives of these two thugs were allowed to pop up on the screen proclaiming their victim status and the innocence of their jihadi menfolk. Unchallenged.

We then heard a lengthy debate, which is still continuing, challenging what is already the law, regarding the prompt and immediate expulsion of these two without further need for trial. That law is in place. It is valid. It is designed specifically to rid us of unwanted would-be terrorists. It is designed to protect us from them if we can expose them before they get the chance to kill us. Again, the opponents of this law were there in hordes. No one challenged them on the TV. The representation was all one way.

Pittelkow also points out, that another obvious challenge for the press was to shed some light on how islamism appears to allow and inspire groups of muslims all over the world to react to any criticism with death threats and acts of violence. I realise that minority complexes are hard to rid ones self of after fourteen hundred years of failure but few others seem to have grasped that nettle yet. So just what is it that makes the Motoons so unique and why should they be setting a precedent?
The answer, according to Pittelkow, is that up until now, blasphemy in islam was confined to islam and islamic lands. Now it would appear that we are under pressure to adopt the islamic idea of blasphemy outside of islam and outside of islamic countries.
Personally, I will not respect it. No more than I respect any other superstitious nonsense.
Nor does Kurt Westergaard. And that is what makes him the target for these murdering swine. And that is our crime. We will not adopt their ideas in our land.
The press failed to notice this completely.

In this pædagogique, islamism is not a deeply antidemocratic and fascist ideology that should be fought with the same vigour that we brought to bear on nazism and communism. Islam is presented here as the understandable, even acceptable, reaction by the muslims to our “offences” against islam. Islamism is therefore, you guessed it, our fault. Which means that the two tunisians planning to murder Kurt W. were driven to it by us.

TV2, one of the national Danish TV stations, had an anchorman on the ten o’clock evening news asking his guest if it was the anti-terror laws that are in fact the cause of radicalisation amongst muslims? Was it terrorists that led to those laws being adopted, or is it not those laws that are producing terrorists? Fifth column? You tell me.
If ever they needed an excuse to plan murder, burn and vandalise, he gave it to them.

DR, the Danish public service channel, were equally as guilty. Proclaiming that the motoons had caused the deaths of hundreds and completely omitting to say just who those hundreds were and who had killed them. Certainly not the ones that drew the pictures. Those deaths were caused only by the overreaction generated by muslim “leaders” all over the world and completely neglected to say that most of those killed were, in fact, other muslims in muslim lands.

One would have hoped that someone from the government would have stood up and defended the existing laws, explaing the how and why they are formed as they are. But no. Our intrepid integrations minister strangely decided to cast himself into a principial debate about the future of our anti-terror laws in the middle of a discussion on the propriety of the expulsion of the two tunisians. One wonders why? This is tantamount to cowardice in the field in the face of the enemy. The man should be removed from office immediately. He could have drawn the line, but instead, he drew a blank.

Put bluntly; The press here sucks. It is suffering from some form of social democratic, communist, extreme left wing illness, that blinds it from the truth. We are at war. The clash of civilisations has begun. Or at least, the clash of western civilisation with the barbaric muslim ummah. I don’t consider the ummah to be civilised.

As Pittelkow says in his closing statements: “Every media source with any respect for itself must bore into this affair. Every media source with any respect for itself should also bore into the reasons why and how we have arrived at this point, where the Danish society, once again, should have to defend itself against a totalitarian ideology and its total disrespect for human life.”

Amen to that, Brother Pittelkow. Amen to that.


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