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Ban ki-Moon-bat

Posted by Exile on February 21, 2008

caribankimoon.gifIt would appear that the change of leadership in the UN with the swapping of Kofi for ki-Moon has not brought any serious change. The moonbat-like Moon has come out of the woodwork and has pronounced his sentence on Denmark and the motoons. Following Annans line in 2006, he has come down on the side of censorship instead of freedom of the press. According to his spokeswoman, Marie Okabe:

“The Secretretary General believes absolutely that the freedom of expression should be used responsibly and in a way that respects all religions.”

Well well. Wasn’t that to be expected.

What about all the religions respecting the rules and regulations in a normal civil society? Why isn’t he holding them accountable?
He could have added that “religion should be used responsibly and in a way that respects all human rights and respects the laws of the land in which it now finds itself”.
Why have I never heard that side of the arguement form the UN? Until the UN, and thereby Ban-ki Moon, starts holding the muslims accountable for their actions on an equal footing with the rest of the citzens of the world, then nothing is going to change.

It’s high time the UN removed its head from its arse.

One Response to “Ban ki-Moon-bat”

  1. Mikael said

    When will it dawn on these people that respect is NOT something one is automatically entitled to. It’s something one earns through ones actions.

    I have great respect for a Muslim like Naser Khader, who – at great personal costs – stands up against the Mad Mullahs. I have absolutely zero, nada, zilch, respect for a clean-cut fascist like Abdullatif from Hizb-ut-Tahrir. And I don’t care what God he believes in, I’m not going to respect his religion just because he believes in it. I certainly don’t hear them respecting my beliefs!

    The UN has become the new League of Nations – an impotent chatter-cafĂ© for dictators and religious madmen. What ever respect (there’s that word again) the assembly once had, have long since gone down the drain. The democratic countries should end the UN’s misery by leaving and form another forum that will actually serve some purpose other than condemning Israel for each and every ailment and wrongdoing in the world.

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