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The Lack of Indignation

Posted by Exile on February 23, 2008

Many moons have passed, said on old indian chief… and we all know how they ended up!

indignation.jpgIneed, many moons have passed since the world famous Danish motoons were published, yet the republication has brought a mournful response from the oh-so enraged and violently mistreated muslim world. To put my spin on it, the reaction has been somewhat, well, pitiful.
A week and a half later, the protests are still filtering into our daily news, as if Denmark was in any way affected by the rantings of a crowd of ill educated foreign moonbats some thousands of miles away. Here’s a quick summary of the latest goings on in the ummah, acording to what I can find in the latest news:

Sudan. A country on which Denmark is absolutely not dependant for anything as they produce nothing of value to us, although they do get a fair wedge of cash from us.
Flag burning as usual. This was to be expected. 200 people gathered together, burnt a flag, demanded the ending of diplomatic relations with Denmark, the start of a boycott on Danish goods and that Osama bin Laden attack Denmark immediately.

Ooooh! That worried us. And probably worried Osama too.

Pakistan. Seen in the larger picture, about as important to us as Sudan.
More flag burning by about 150 people from the jihadi organisation, Jamaat-i-Islam party, in front of a mosque. The people demanded the ending of diplomatic relations with Denmark. Cries of “Death to the cartoonists”.
Which was what prompted the reprinting of the cartoons in the first place. The planning of the murder of Kurt Westergaard.

Well. Now we are really getting the jitters over here.

Iraq. We don’t need their oil so screw them, but we do have a few troops down there, doing a great job of fighting the ignorant and the perverse ideology.
You guessed it, flag burning.. Yawn. But at least they tried a bit harder, gathering a few thousand shia sons of mohammed together for a quick anti Denmark demo. Demands are similar to the other two; break off diplomatic ties with Denmark, declare Denmark an enemy of god.

Yes, yes, that’ll show us, won’t it? There’s nothing quite like being declared an enemy of god. Wow. I bet this will keep us awake at nights.

Gaza. These people have had 60 years to create their own state and haven’t managed to put spade to earth yet, so they aren’t really any threat to a well organised society like ours. They are dependant on our cash, although this seems to have slipped their feeble, deranged and enraged minds.
Standard burning of a flag. It’s getting boring now, but hey, they aren’t reknowned for innovation and invention. Still, they tried and about 200 demonstrators in Rafah burned American, Israeli and Danish flags. The people then demanded an official apology and a trial, stating that they would not settle for less.

(A trial? What? Before demanding death? That is new. Do I detect some progress here?)

Well, they’re going to have to settle for less, because they ain’t gettin’ either.

Jordan. This is new. No burnt flags. For some strange reason, unions have demanded harsh economic sanctions against Denmark.

Like, that’s really going to happen.

Bunch of sandmonkeys.

If this is the best the ummah can muster, then I’d say that we’re winning. Despite what we might hear.

Frankly fellas, I’m disappointed with the lack of indignation. I had hoped to see thousands of enraged moonbats with self inflicted headwounds bleeding on the streets of every muslim land around the world. I wanted protest and carnage beyond the normal. I wanted wailing women in black tents beating themselves with whatever it is they usually use to beat themselves with. Dead camels and burnt out sandboxes. Upturned Toyotas and all that stuff.

You know. The normal muslim reaction.

Oh well. Never mind. I’m off to draw mohammed and then it’s off to the toilet.

Do I need to draw you a picture of what comes next?


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