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The Evolution of Devolution

Posted by Exile on February 27, 2008

With the recent creation of the state of Kosovo, I anticipate a round of declaration of several independencies, all recognised by the USA and the EU. I don’t actually support the Kosovo idea, for once I find myself in agreement with Putin. He is obviously worried about the further break up of the former soviet union as small states declare their independence from mother Russia. An old problem, a new era.
unavngivet.pngMy thoughts go more toward the EU and the downfall of the same. With growing discontent among the captive people trapped within the EU I expect to see a little revolution now. After all, if Kosovo can, then so can others.

I welcome, therefore, the independent states of Scotland and Wales, having now seen the way forward. The United Kingdom is not so united anymore.

Catalonia is to be congratulated on its freedom from Spain. Likewise, the new state of Basquerland.

Welcome Free Flanders. Sorry about the French enclave of Brussels, but you may be able to ethnically cleanse that area given the time. Wallonia has now returned to Greater France for social welfare purposes.

Northern Italy will prosper now that it has freed itself from Rome. Southern Italy has declared itself a disaster area and is looking to the EU for economic aid. Sicily is also welcomed as a free island state, vis-a-vis Malta and Sardinia.

Crete is finally free of Athens and the rest of Greece.

The Danish minority in Germany is welcomed back to Denmark. Likewise, the German minority in Jutland is devolved back to Germany from Denmark.

Skåne has declared itself Danish again. Sweden is still in shock but is prepared to accept refugees from the area.

European Union?

Where? And for how long?


One Response to “The Evolution of Devolution”

  1. Ethnic Cleansing is such an emotive word, lets just call it by its real name human resource reallocation. I think that you may be right, Europe has gone through periods of consolidation and break up. We saw it very well in the the 19th century when Germany and Italy were united under Bismark and Cavour. Only to break up after the first world war. Under the Guise of the E.U. it is being tried again, the Holy Roman empire just with another name. What the polit beuro who run the E.U. forget is the lessons of history. Consolidation only comes under dynamic circumstances, usually war or it has to keep growing once it stops it immediately starts to break up. The expansion of the E.U. to maintain its unity can only go in one direction and that is to the south and to the east. A Turkey brought into the E.U. or any of the North African countries which they are trying to get in via the euro-med talks will be the final catalyst that causes the break up of Europe and its demise. The E.U. is doomed if it doesn’t expand and doomed if it does expand because islam is incompatible with any form of democratic government however badly it is run.

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