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More Evidence of Global Warming

Posted by Exile on March 5, 2008

mmgw.pngThe headline was dramatic. Denmark has now experienced a warm winter again. Winter officially ended a few days ago. We are now in Spring. The winter has been mild and this is obviously a result of massive global warming that is way out of control and it won’t be long before we all fry, thanks to good old man made CO2 and global warming, you swine how could you?

Well. I’ve been working on the figures. We have experienced warm winters before. Back about 20 years or so ago. I remember them. “Wow”, I said “Ain’t it warm this winter?”

So I did a bit of digging around to find some data from Denmarks Meteorological Institute. Sure enough, they had spotted it too and had produced some figures. Let me take you back to the winter of 1988/89. The average temperature for that winter was 4,5°C. Warm, by anyones standards. 1989/90 fared little better being almost as warm again at 4,2°C.

Springing forward almost 20 years, we can see that the trend continues. 2006/07 brought a warm winter too. A roasting 4,7°C. Man made global warming was seriously taking it’s toll on the climate and we were due for a biblical disaster of unknown proportions.

2007/08 brings us more bad news. At least, if you read the headlines and listen to the news. 4,1°C was the average temperature. A whopping 3,6°C above the norm for our winter temperatures. Our fate is sealed. We are doomed. These record high average winter temperatures are a clear indicator that the world is on a course to catstrophe.
Or are they? I decided to look a bit closer at those figures. Here’s my graph of the four points.


Shocking isn’t it? We can see here that global warming is a reality. As we expected, it is indeed, beyond any doubt. Clearly the graph shows a tendency.. er, hang on. Something wrong here. The tendency is that the temperature is… falling. That’s not right. I mean, there must be some mistake..

Please ignore this twenty year old data. It doesn’t fit the present man made global warming agenda.

Now, somebody please ring Al Gore and get this sorted…

2 Responses to “More Evidence of Global Warming”

  1. This short warming blip wasn’t just felt in Denmark, it also shows up in most of the global satellite and ground observation data (seach Easterbrook on this website and see the graph of the average of these measurements from 2000-2007). 2005-2006 was an el Nino period. Sea surface temperatures in the NE Pacific had been cooling for several years, then briefly reversed to warmer during the el Nino.

  2. jmrSudbury said

    You have not run the temps through the GISS adjustment program which usually tends to increase recent temperatures while decreasing historic temperatures.

    Oh, and I think you need to say, “Our fate is sealed. We are doomed.” a few more times to add extra punch to your post.

    Seriously though, do these warm periods consistently coincide with El Ninos or La Ninas?


    Hmmm. Maybe not.

    John M Reynolds

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