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Out With the Old, In With the Old

Posted by Exile on March 5, 2008

There is something rotten in the state of Afghanistan. Not exactly what Shakespeare said, but there’s no denying that there is something awfully wrong. Considering the effort being put into Afghanistan by NATO troops, and thereby also Denmark, we seem to be getting a lot of criticism from the Afghans.
carikarzai.gifI thought the main objective of being there was to stop the advance of the Taleban and to help a democracy to flourish in the time it takes them to gather the resources necessary to look after and defend themselves. Perhaps Hamid Kharzai and company aren’t so interested in that after all.

Earlier this week Afghanistans foreign minister, Dr. Dadfar Spanta, used his visit to Denmark solely to fire a broadside at Denmark and the reprinting of the Motoons. No thanks for the support of the troops, no regrets for the loss of any lives, no gratitude for the efforts made by Denmark or anyone else for that matter. His only message was that there are extremists at work in Denmark. Danish journalistic editor type extremists. Radical defenders of cartoonists, if you will.

Yesterday 300 ever-so-insulted members of the Afghan parliament held a somewhat angry protest over the reprint. They seemed to be pretty pissed off about Gert Widers too. What this has to do with the internal workings of Afghanistan has somehow passed me by but they seemed pretty upset by our European sense of freedom and expression. These parliamentarians expressed the necessity of having Kharzai call the Danish and Dutch ambassadors in for a dressing down and a demand of an apology. An apology for what? Being European? Or just being other than muslim? Or for allowing both Danish and Dutch troops to be shot at in the name of assisting “democracy” in Afghanistan?

All this has not gone unnoticed here in the tiny Kingdom of Denmark. Søren Espersen, foreign affairs spokesman for the Danish Peoples Party, believes that Kharzai and his cronies have now turned the volume up on the islamist tones and remind him of the very people we are trying to free Afghanistan of. The Taleban.
“What we are gradually coming to see, is a fascist government which, for the sake of internal politics, is turning toward Islamism. Kharzai is also talking of adopting sharia. We simply cannot accept that our soldiers are defending a fascist state”

Personally, I agree with him. If Kharzai and Co. want Afghanistan to be an islamic state, and if they wish to live in an islamic state, then I say let the bloody taleban have it back. After all, how many shades of self destruction are there?

Maybe the thought of renewed taleban rule will remind the free Afghan parliament of how much they owe and to whom they owe it. We can exist quite happily without them. Can they say the same?


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