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Moving the Middle Ground

Posted by Exile on March 8, 2008

The middle ground in Danish politics has moved decidedly a few steps to the right over the past two weeks. After the arrest of three men for planning the murder of Kurt Westergaard, the burning and vandalism that took place in all the major cities in Denmark and the reprinting of the Motoons, the left has suddenly accepted, though not admitted, its past mistakes concerning the amount and type of immigration it allowed and encouraged.

villy.jpgAdmitting now, that we do have a cultural problem with our multicultural society, Villy Søvndal, party leader for the left wing Socialist Peoples Party (SF) and former staunch supporter of islamic immigration, has turned about face, apologising for his criticism of the original publication of the motoons and calling for the elimination of Hizb-ut Tahrir in Denmark. Now he wants to go one stage further and organise a demonstration of 100,000 people against political and religious fanaticism, especially against the likes of Hizb-ut Tahrir and the Islamic Faith Society and his political diametrical opposites, the Danish Peoples Party.

The Social Democrats are feeling the pinch too. The Socialist Peoples Party are gaining ground against them in the opinion polls, stealing some of their support. The necessary reply from the Social Democrats is to see this as a success for the opposition, in that SF has now reached record support for it’s leader. The simple truth is, that social dems supporters have changed alliance. Knowing this but hardly admitting it, the social dems have had to come out of the closet and support Villy Søvndal in his now outspoken criticism of Islam.

The extreme left wing party, Enhedslisten, The Unity Party, has fallen completely off the radar as far as opinion polls go. They are finished.

The only stick-in-the-mud left wing party not to be moving is the Radicals. They would rather throw more money at the social situation and try to re-educate the youngsters that are destroying the cities. Anybody with any sense knows it is both too little and too late. Not to mention a complete waste of taxpayers money.

Pia Kjærsgaaard, leader of the Danish Peoples Party (DF) is a bit bemused by all this. She fails to see why Søvndal feels the need to demonstrate against her party, whilst also having a bash at the islamists. “It’s about time that Villy dropped his paranoia concerning the DF.” she said and added that one cannot ride two horses at the same time. She believes that he is making the same mistake as Poul Nyrup made when he said that the DF “will never be housetrained”. Nyrup, then leader of the social dems and now Euro-politician, was trying to ridicule the DF under an election campaign, and subsequently lost. DF have about half a million voters behind them.

middle.pngThere is no doubt that the left is waking up to the popular opinion. What was once described and ridiculed by the left as populism and xenophobia, islamophobia et al, is fast becoming the central political line. Finally, it would appear, the politicians on the left have understood that their own rhetoric on muliculture has failed and that the people are right. Not accepting that before has cost them two elections. Not reacting to the popular concensus now will cost them another. And they know it.

All they have left to do, is apologise to the vast majority of Danes who opposed their weak immigration policies, apologise for bringing this unhappiness upon us and then commit themselves to cleaning up their own mess. It might not win them the next election but it would certainly be welcomed by the greater majority of Danish taxpayers who are being forced to use huge amounts of their money to hold this multi-culti fiasco in motion and who are being insulted and criticised by the very people they are supposed to be welcoming into our midst.

It was the left wing that created this social dung pile, built, perpetuated and nurtured it.

Now, it appears, even they can’t endure the smell any more.


One Response to “Moving the Middle Ground”

  1. the ex said

    It was always the radical left party, wanting immigration to look so rosy red. Unfortunately they have been the finger on the scales for a very long time (now it is DF) working together with more than one government, both left and right. You should know that, you have lived in Denmark long enough!….. love your comments on this blog by the way….. oh and your daughter sends her love….

    Obviously, this commenter is close to, and known by me…! (Personal thanks for this comment. Nice to have you here..)

    Now we all know who put the Ex in Exile!!

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