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Another “Offensive” Cartoon

Posted by Exile on March 11, 2008

dj_velen_skider_p__j_86190b.jpgThis drawing, which is part of an advertising poster for a punk festival in Linköping, Sweden, has brought death threats for the leading editor of a Swedish newspaper. It shows the devil taking a dump on the head of the crucified Jesus. Click on the image for a larger view.

I don’t think Lars Vilks is responsible.

The editor of Östgöta Correspondenten has received several death threats since publishing the picture, all apparently left on his answering machine. The whole charade started when the local municipality council refused to allow the poster to be hung in the council owned cultural centre. The paper brought the drawing as part of an article documenting this piece of censorship by that council.

One of the messages left on the editors machine said, “I hope you get a knife in you in the next week. If a person doesn’t do it, then Jesus will cut your throat.”


The death threats have been reported to the police and are being investigated.


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