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European Freedom Alliance Conference

Posted by Exile on March 11, 2008

This turned up in my e-mail. I think it may yet prove to be of some use. I have visited the website and after reading what they have to say, I have included it in my blogroll.

I wish they had invited me.  The agenda for the conference is to be found on their website. The list of speakers is impressive.


Los Angeles: Journalist Avi Davis announced today the establishment of a new organization – the European Freedom Alliance, (Alliance Européenne pour la Liberté)- headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland which will develop and administer programs and activities which advance and defend the cause of freedom and liberty in Europe.
The Alliance will officially launch March 13- 14, 2008 in Rome, Italy when the organization’s first international conference Identity Crisis: Can European Civilization Survive? will be held at the European University of Rome. The conference will feature a host of international and domestic academics, journalists, government leaders and commentators who will address topics such as Multiculturalism and the Threat to European Identity and The Role of Christianity and Judeo- Christian Values in the Collapse and Recovery of European Identity. Former President of the Italian Senate Marcello Pera, Spanish leader Raphael Bardaji, Danish editor, Flemming Rose, British parliamentarian Baroness Caroline Cox and renowned U.S. commentator Daniel Pipes will be among the 30 speakers and panelists presented at the conference.

The conference will be presented in English with simultaneous translation into Italian and will be streamed live on the Internet from Rome.

“Since September 11, we have witnessed an unprecedented demand in Europe and North America for minority rights and autonomy,” stated Alliance senior fellow and executive director, Avi Davis. “As a result, a virtual code of silence has descended on Europe to address such issues as female genital mutilation, honor killings and the oppression of women within Muslim enclaves, for fear of offending Muslim sensitivities. Yet, the absence of any true outrage will have catastrophic consequences for the future of Western civilization and values. Such unquestioning moral relativism will be one of the principle issues examined by the conference. ”
Besides offering an international conference every year, the European Freedom Alliance will also administer a legal networking project and a scholarly and research institute that will conduct academic investigation into E.U. policies and actions.
The European University of Rome is a private Catholic university recognized and supported by the Italian state. It is linked to the Pontifical Athaneum Regina Apostolorum. It is located at Via Aldobradeschi, 190- 00163 Rome.
The European Freedom Alliance is an organization which unites individuals and communities around the world who share a concern about the threats to freedom and liberty in Europe- the hub of Western civilization. The Alliance’s programs, publications, conferences and websites develop tools and strategies to counter the growing influence of ideologies and movements that threaten freedom and deny the sanctity of the personal conscience.

For further information on the European Freedom Alliance, please visit www.europeanfreedomalliance.eu or call + 41 21 320 30 85.


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