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Posted by Exile on March 13, 2008

A quick look around the MSM today has brought news from the lands of the religion of peace. Namely, from Jordan and Egypt.

In the jolly old kingdom of Jordan, 50 of the 110 parliament members are calling for the end of diplomatic relations with Denmark. Hardly cause for worry. Meanwhile a group calling it self “The prophet unites us” has printed some half a million posters which they are sticking up all over Jordan proclaiming a boycott of Danish products and giving details of which products to avoid.

Well, whoopee. I don’t envisage any great damage to the Danish economy here, but the growing indignation and sense of being insulted by a cartoon drawing or twelve is, to say the very least, beginning to amuse me beyond all belief.

indignation2.pngIn Egypt though, things have gotten personal. For a certain Mr. Willy Søvndal. His statement in all the Danish newspapers concerning Hizb-ut Tahrir has been ever so slightly altered by the “free” Egyptian press. Søvndal clearly stated that the folks from “Hizb” could all go to hell as far as he was concerned. If they don’t like living in a democratic land with all the necessary freedoms a democracy should have, then they can leave and go live elsewhere. Preferably Iran.

The Egyptian press now claims that he said that muslims in general can go to hell.

Which is actually what I wanted Willy Søvndal to have said, even though he didn’t. So my thanks to the Egyptian state controlled and run newspaper “Al-Gomhuria” for making the necessary corrections on my behalf. I must be honest, I didn’t give them any assistance. They made it up all by themselves. Which is not surprising. Twisting the truth and lying is something the arabs have perfected over centuries.

Willy’s comment to all this is simple, but telling:

“Everybody knows that I was expressing my feelings concerning Hizb-ut Tahrir and them only. I would never speak in such general terms about people of another religion with whom I have the best of relationships.”

Really Willy? The best of relationships? How very interesting. I think there’s a few folks in Jordan you might want to have a word with then.


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