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Broken Pencils

Posted by Exile on March 16, 2008

One gets to read a fair amount of piffle and tosh if one studies the newspapers. A couple of meaningless headlines sprang out to greet me today.

“UN Concerned over loss of life in Tibet.”

Strange , I thought. They haven’t been outwardly concerned with Tibet before. In fact I can’t recall ever having seen or heard of one UN declaration concerning Tibet since the chinese claimed it and occupied it all those years ago in 1950 and certainly nothing condemning China for it. Israel has had to face hundreds, if not thousands, of UN resolutions made against it, but not China. I hear no constant stream of condemnation from the UN directed at the yellow hordes.

Maybe the news of the Chinese occupation of Tibet has only recently reached the hallowed and perfect marble halls of the UN. I expect a resolution will follow shortly condemning the deaths of thousands as the recently discovered invasion of Tibet by China is duly discussed by Ban ki-Moon and Co. I won’t hold my breath while I wait.
Neither will the Dhali Lama.

“EU says Iranian election was neither fair nor free”.

Bravo the EU. How very astute. Had anybody honestly expected anything else? Iran has been taking lessons from Putin on how to run a democracy. It’s easy. You decide who is going to be the ruling group, arrest and/or kill anyone who represents anything else, fordbid them to stand for election and then you hold a democratic show of the will of the people by allowing them to vote for the one remaining candidate. Never mind the turnout, the outcome is guaranteed to carry by a majority of those that did take the time to go to the polling booth. Now, what’s not free or fair about that? The people have had their chance to vote haven’t they? The actual outcome is of no importance in Iran anyway. The country is run by a council of twelve mad mullahs that have the powers to stop anything that is “unislamic” by their standards. Anything threatening them or their position is unislamic. The most unislamic thing they can think of, is that they can be opposed or criticised. Do that, and you’re a dead man. A victory by the oppostion is equally unislamic and unthinkable to them. Free? of course. You are free to choose wether or not to criticise them. Fair? Naturally. They told you that opposing them will bring about your demise. Never heard of fair warning? Which again, leaves you free to decide and choose for yourself wether to criticise or not.
Either way, the EU statement is as useful as tits on a chicken and will make no difference to Iran or the Iranians. Nor will the concern expresed by the UN have the slightest influence on the Chinese soldiers who are now busily bayonetting Tibetans in Lhasa.

This reporting is comparable to broken pencils. Pointless.


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