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Man Made Global Something or Other

Posted by Exile on March 18, 2008

180308-001.jpg180308-002.jpgSunrise over my backyard this morning. As one can clearly see, man made global warming was extremely active today. If this keeps up, well, we’re all gonna fry.

Aren’t we?


3 Responses to “Man Made Global Something or Other”

  1. Zonka said

    You know they couldn’t keep up the “global warming” label as there has been no measurable increase in the “average” temperature in the last 8-10 years, so to cover their collective asses it’s now “climate change”, but the culprit is still the greenhouse gasses and mostly CO2… But then again nobody really knows how to measure the average global temperature so it all comes down to gut feelings and faith… And most of all weather, which is mostly unpredictable and changeable…

  2. Zonka said

    Oh and by the way, Happy Easter to you Exile 😉

    And to you too my friend. I’m off to Warsaw for the weekend. Easter at the Hilton….

  3. Zonka said

    Sounds great, enjoy the time away 🙂

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