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Posted by Exile on March 26, 2008

The Danish people, the whole Danish nation, has been targeted by a full page advertisement printed in most of the large national papers. The ad was placed by the “Global program to make the merciful prophet known”, which is part of the world wide Muslim World League.
Through this advert, the program makes it clear that it condemns every form of activity that threatens the security of the nation, especially murder and arson, but also makes it patently clear that the muslims want a statement from the Danish government putting distance between itself and the mohammed cartoons so that a repeat of such unpleasantness may be avoided in the future.

One must assume that, if no such statement is forthcoming from the government, then such unpleasantness will be repeated. How about that for an offer you can’t refuse?
Al Capone just became El-capone.

Or is that Ali Capone?

Who cares?

The “offer” is still the same. It’s a protection racket gone religious with the hidden threat of more muslim rage if one turns the offer down.

I’m not the only one who spotted it.
The Conservative party spokeswoman, Henriette Kjær, figured it out as well. She had this to say;
“This organisation is trying to threaten the Danish authorities into distancing themselves from [the motoons] and thereby prevent the repetition of these actions. These are mafia-like tactics that no Danish authority must give in to.”

The Danish imam, Abdul Wahid Pedersen, (failed christian, failed buddhist, now muslim) who helped “The Program”  to post the advert, denies the claim that this is a blackmail attempt or a religious protection racket. He insists it is a gesture of goodwill on behalf of some people who are simply worried that the relationship between Denmark and the arab world is, well, a bit strained at present. “It’s all a misunderstanding”, he says.

iznogood.pngOh yes. Of course. It’s that old “misunderstanding” thing again.

Strange how we never seem to “understand” the muslims. Well, not according to the muslims.

Even when we do.

I wonder why that is?


One Response to “Bad-a-Boom”

  1. USBeast said

    I’m no linguist but I strongly suspect that “misunderstand” translates into Arabic as “refuse to submit”.

    This would explain a lot.

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