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Following the Money

Posted by Exile on March 27, 2008

One could be forgiven for being more than a little confused over the latest news emanating from the hallowed and corrupt halls of the EU. One can read that the huge 5 billion Euro hole in the 2006 accounts has been finally ignored because of, or despite, missing documentation and the whole account has been approved and signed off by the Europarliament budget control committee. Which still leaves me wondering where the 5 billion Euros went. Somebody must know. The commission can’t produce any documents for them, but the parliament budget team wrote them off after gaining certain concessions aimed at tightening controls in the future. Which sounds a bit like Peter robbing Paul, and right hand washing the left.

Commission: “We’re very sorry, we’ll try to keep accounts in the future.”

Parliament: “Oh. Well that’s alright then. Case closed.”

Move along Europeans, there’s nothing to see here. It’s all above board.

To add insult to this injury, the EU has agreed to supply 5 billion Euros to Palestine. I can’t help but see the similarity in the size of this monetary gift compared to the last sum which got somehow written off without further discussion. Do I spy a hidden connection here? The 5 billion was promised to Palestine already in December last year and now the first 300 million is ready to change hands. This is supposed to be a salt water injection for the palestinian economy and an incentive to get cracking on a peace plan with Israel. The money is supposedly earmarked for trade, education, health and the eternal and bottomless “refugee” aid fund. It has not been disclosed as to how much will go to the buying of arms, rockets and explosives, but I daresay that Israel will feel the difference within the year as more and better quality rockets rain down on Sderot and surrounding areas.
The EU’s commissioner for external relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, is more than pleased by the EU donation:
“Once again we have shown our strong sense of duty to support the Palestinian Authority in its efforts to improve the lives of the people of Palestine as they move toward a peace agreement with Israel”.
Naive cow. Hasn’t anybody told her that the Hamas and Fatah thugs are about as interested in peace with Israel as Iran is in the welfare and promotion of homosexuals in Tehran and even less interested in the welfare of the people of palestine? Happy people, with anything resembling a good life, are not interested in jihad or the destruction of their neighbours by the committing of explosive suicide. Which is the only way this money will filter down. If the people had money, the buying of martyrs would be more expensive. Not exactly conducive to the speedy destruction of zionist Israel.

A real incentive to peace would be the other way round. First you sign the peace accord, then you get the luchre. That might bring some internal pressure to bear on the so-called palestinian leaders by the people. This money is wasted already. It won’t change a thing. It will only perpetuate the present situation. The ordinary palestinian isn’t going to feel any difference.

While I’m on the subject of peace in the middle east, Tony Blair has chipped in with a bit of wisdom won on his travels to the area. Blair has been involved in the peace project as head wrangler for the past few months now. Nothing has changed much since his taking over. No negotiations, no progress, no major steps forward.
But he has learned something, he says.

What? Pray tell, Tony.

“If we have learned anything within the last few months, it is that the present strategy concerning Gaza is not working”.

This astounding summary of personal and practical experience was imparted to the EU parliament yesterday, one day ahead of the release of 300 million Euros to the very people that he now has learned, aren’t helping the situation. If I was part of the “Quartet” (Russia, USA, EU and the UN), then I would want my money back. If that is all that Tony Blair has learned in the past few months of meetings and dealings with the palestinians, then he is more naive than Benita Ferrero-Waldner and needs to read a few of the blogs that I read each day.
So what’s his new tactic? What amazing strategy has he come up with? What has Tony’s great, all encompassing, finger-on-the-pulse, superior intellect come up with? After months of deep thought and selfless devotion and deliberation, he has this to say:

“The international community must isolate the extremists and find a way to help the ordinary palestinians.”


How much did that cost us?


One Response to “Following the Money”

  1. JJ said

    Yassir set the standard.

    Arafats billions

    I’ve shortened the link title JJ, it ran off the page. The link is still good.

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