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Challenging the IPCC

Posted by Exile on March 29, 2008

mmgw.pngIf you, like me, believe that Anthropogenic Global Warming is the single most flawed idea that mankind has ever had to deal with, championed by fools and corrupt politicians and corporate greed and do-gooder nobody megalomaniacs, then I have some good news for you. The “evidence” for AGW is beginning to crumble. The “science” of truth by repetition and the fraudulent practices of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) is under attack by exposure. And it is losing, badly. We don’t hear much about it in the MSM, we won’t be seeing it on CNN, ABC, Fox or the BBC, but the IPCC is having to face some pretty stern criticism.

One of the main combatants, as far the reporting goes, is Edmund Contoski. He writes for the Forces website and runs his own blog. I stole this profil of the man behind the name from his blog. Having little or no chance of contacting the man, I hope he will forgive me.

Edmund Contoski has had a varied career. He is a former director of planning for an internationally renowned environmental consulting firm doing business in more than forty countries. He has been an urban planner and also held responsible positions with major real estate development companies. In addition, he has lectured widely on international monetary issues and done economic research on a variety of subjects, including world trade. He’s the author of three books, including the award-winning MAKERS AND TAKERS: How Wealth and Progress are Made and How They are Taken Away or Prevented and THE TROJAN PROJECT, a novel of political intrigue that deals with the restructuring of the United States government. A frequent guest on radio talk shows, his views have been heard on well over one hundred radio stations across the United States and Canada. He has also spoken at various colleges and universities and at conventions.

On his own blog he launched a scathing attack on the IPCC after their fourth report was issued in February last year.

Last week the Fourth Assessment Report of the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was issued. It was widely trumpeted as the “smoking gun” that proves global warming is occurring and is driven by human activities. But this is smoke without a gun. It is a 14 page “Summary for Policymakers” written by political appointees of the 150 countries in the IPCC; the 1,600 pages of scientific information supposedly underlying their summary will not be available until May 2007.


As Senator James Inhofe, the ranking member of the Environment & Public Works Committee, put it: “This is a political document, not a scientific report, and it is a shining example of the corruption of science for political gain. The media has failed to report that the IPCC Summary for Policymakers was not approved by scientists but by UN political delegates and bureaucrats.”


The Principles Governing IPCC Work,” which states: “Changes (other than grammatical or minor editorial changes) made after acceptance by the Working Group or the Panel shall be those necessary to ensure consistency with the Summary for Policymakers or the Overview Chapter.” In other words, the “science” will be adjusted to agree with whatever the politicians and bureaucrats want it to say.

Who said the evidence is irrefutable? If you want corruption, get it here. By the truckload.

Read more here at American Liberty

Contoski has been equally as busy writing for the Forces website, which concerns itself with personal liberty and the erosion of it. Forces was started to champion the civil liberties we all hold dear and are forced to watch being eaten away by evil left wing policies and newspeak lovers. Continuing his attack on the IPCC he brings evidence of widespread, if not rampant, fraud and the corruption of the science that feeds the myth of AGW.
Here is a short extract from that article from 5 days ago:

Only one individual has been a reviewer of all of the reports issued by the IPCC. Dr. Vincent R. Gray has had a long career in scientific research in the UK, France, Canada, New Zealand and China. He has published many scientific papers in professional journals, founded the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, and is author of the book The Greenhouse Delusion.


He shares the 2007 Nobel Prize that went to the IPCC. But in October 2007, after 17 years as an expert reviewer for the IPCC, he stated:


“I have been forced to the conclusion that for significant parts of the work of the IPCC, the data collection and scientific methods employed are unsound. Resistance to all efforts to try and discuss or rectify these problems has convinced me that normal scientific procedures are not only rejected by the IPCC, but that this practice is endemic, and was part of the organization from the very beginning. I therefore consider that the IPCC is fundamentally corrupt. The only ‘reform’ I could envisage, would be its abolition….Yes, we have to face it. The whole process is a swindle, The IPCC from the beginning was given the license to use whatever methods would be necessary to provide ‘evidence’ that carbon dioxide increases are harming the climate, even if this involves manipulation of dubious data and using peoples’ opinions instead of science to ‘prove’ their case…. The disappearance of the IPCC in disgrace is not only desirable but inevitable….Sooner or later all of us will come to realize that this organization, and the thinking behind it, is phony. Unfortunately severe economic damage is likely to be done by its influence before that happens.”

And that is only one of many that are speaking out against the all powerful (too powerful) IPCC.

Read more here at Forces.org

Basically, Contoski has seen through the media. He has put his finger on the practise of presenting a bureaucratic opinion as science. Powerful pencil pushers, deciding what they want to be heard, putting up the money to fund a scientific investigation and then allowing themselves to alter or misrepresent the findings of that investigation and publish under their somewhat austere and legitimised name. Backed by no less than the United Nations. What chance do we have?
Fortunately people like Dr. Vincent R. Gray are beginning to speak out, more concerned for their consciences than for the promise of big bucks if they stay silent and continue the fraud. Equally fortunate for us, is that there are people like Edmund Contoski, prepared to wade into and dig through the garbage pile that is the IPCC’s bank of evidence and find the little bits of truth that lie discarded simply because they are truly unfortunate.

Unfortunte for the IPCC, that is.

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  1. […] https://exileonthewing.wordpress.com/2008/03/29/challenging-the-ipcc/If you, like me, believe that Anthropogenic Global Warming is the single most flawed idea that mankind has ever had to deal with, championed by fools and corrupt politicians and corporate greed and do-gooder nobody megalomaniacs, … […]

    Normally, I don’t accept these pingback thingys. Usually they are just there to steal my bandwidth or my thunder – but this one provided a few useful links and articles. For that reason, I’ll allow it to stand.

  2. RodD said

    IPCC meaning? Irrefutible Political Correctness and Corruption! Recently the Space and Science Research Center sent a letter to world leaders warning of immediate castropic global cooling. http://www.spaceandscience.net/id16.html Only fools with an agenda would ignore this warning and they are as political correctness is forcing the world to burn food as food.

  3. Peter Molls said

    To whom it may concern !

    More confusion…..?!?

    Please take time out to listen to this video presentation by well known John Coleman. (see below)


    Thank you !

    P. Molls

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