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Looking for the Exit

Posted by Exile on April 9, 2008

Yesterday I posted on the man who has decided he can no longer suffer the British government and is now determined to enter into lawful rebellion under British common law and declare his freedom as granted to him by and under the institutes of Magna Carta. Brave fellow.

I have been thinking along similar lines, but I wish to express my freedom from European citizenship. I no longer wish to be European. I am sick and tired of the social democratic interference with my life, the edicts, the restrictions on my personal freedoms and the simple erosion of my civil rights. I cannot tolerate the destruction of our history, culture and customs and be expected to willingly remain here in multicultural hell to my dying day. We are currently in the process of giving all national sovereignties away to a European politbureau, run by unelected power hungry individuals who, by connivance and deceit, have manipulated themselves into a position of power and assumed the mantle of overwhelming authority. I have no respect for that organisation called the European Union and I wish to be free of it. I oppose the destruction of nations. Especially my own. I no longer wish to live in Europe.

At the turn of the 20th century, my grandfather left England for Canada. This was around the early nineteen hundreds, before world war one. He was given a huge piece of land to farm and farm he did. From a relatively small flock of a few hundred, he went on to build a flock of ten thousand sheep, providing meat and wool to a growing Canadian economy. My uncle was born in Canada. Eventually, my grandfather sold the whole flock and farm and returned to England where he became a gentleman farmer, probably at the request of his wife, my grandmother, whom I never met. She died shortly after my mother was born. He lived his last years out in England, having retired early on his moderate fortune.

Others went with him, to both Canada and the United States. They too had their reasons for leaving. Either to escape oppression here in Europe or to seek their fortunes in a foreign place where there were, perhaps, better opportunities to be taken, in a free and growing land hungry for development and manpower. Maybe some of them were as fed up with things at home as I feel now.

My great Uncle, my grandfather’s brother, went off to New Zealand around the same time. I last heard from him when he was at the ripe old age of 92. He was still working, as a gardener, for a lady of 86! He may not have accrued a fortune, as did his brother, but he had a long and probably happy life to look back on.

At least, they had a place to go to. Places offering freedom and opportunity.

Which brings me to my question and the point of this, until now, somewhat nepotistical and historically inspired post.

Where would I go?

If I decided to leave Europe and start life in a foreign land, again, where would it be?

Not the United States. Or Canada. They are on the way to that same social democratic and multi-culti destination that Europe is. They may be a few years behind, but they are definitely on the same track.

Africa? No. Life is just too darn dangerous there. Too volatile.

East then? No. Russia and so on. Too communist. They are not yet ready to give up the state interference. In fact, some of them still demand it.

Asia? No. Asia is either Islamic or on the way to it. I do not wish to go there. In fact, let’s rule out all the islamic countries. I could not live there. Maybe Japan, but I hate sushi.

China? Definitely not. Communist. Hardly free.

Australia?. No. They too are on the social democratic bandwagon. It is merely a question of time. But like Europe, the US and Canada, they are on their way.

South America? No. Simply too uncivilised. And who wants to end up being a hostage for years merely because one is white and therefore represents a ransom from someone?

Iceland? No. Too damn cold. Despite global warming, whatever that may be.

So where do I go? Where in the world is there a relatively civilised country, where the state is minimal? Where one can do and say as one pleases. Where one can “mind one’s own business” and be left alone to do just that without interference from a nanny state? A place where I am free to defend my liberty, my life and my family without fear of reproach and chastisement and simply pursue my personal well being and happiness?

Well? Anybody? Is there such a place? If you can think of one, let me know.


2 Responses to “Looking for the Exit”

  1. Mikael said

    There is no such place. Not anymore. Which is why we must pick up our plate and armor despite being elderly men and start fighting back.

    The gates have been breached, the keep has been swarmed, and there is nowhere left to go. We must march or die.

    A much more important question than where to flee to is: How do we fight this invasion when our own politicians are all too happy to betray their electorates? The gates have been breached, yes, but not by the enemy’s rams. They have been opened willingly by the politicians whom we have been stupid enough to trust and vote for.

    I think that’s a place to start. Endorse any politician who goes against the islamisation and our unelected masters in the Eurocrasi. Doesn’t really matter if you don’t agree on the dude’s other viewpoints. Personally, I detest the economical thinking of The Danish Peoples Party, but I vote for them none the less because of their standpoints on the most important issues in our lifetime.

    So others might call me a Nazi or whatever. I really don’t give hoot.

    Write letters to the newspapers, including foreign ones; arrange demonstrations even in the face of violence. Raise awareness, put the issue on the public debate. If His Goreness can do it, so can we.

    It’s a start anyway.

    I have long since given up worrying about what people call me. I refuse to wear their badges. Nazi, xenophobe, islamophobe, all these idiotic tags mean nothing. Unless, of course, it is a sign of exasperation on behalf of my opponents and that I won the debate. Their final course of action is to insult. Maybe that’s my problem. I refuse to be insulted by them any longer.
    Thanks for this comment. I know I am not alone.

  2. Selvaraj Natarajan said

    You have no other option but to try MARS !

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