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Vote Mugabe – Or Die

Posted by Exile on April 11, 2008

Here’s a little glimpse into daily life in the once flourishing country of Zimbabwe, twelve days after an election which Mugabe clearly lost;

‘Vote Mugabe or you die’. Inside Zimbabwe, the backlash begins

The patients at Louisa Guidotti hospital said there were eight men, one carrying a shotgun, another with an AK-47, others with pistols, and they went from bed to bed forcing out anyone who could walk.

Nurses were dragged away from the sick. Motorists driving by the hospital, 87 miles north-east of Harare, were stopped and taken from their cars. About 70 people were gathered in the grounds. Then the lecture began. “This is your last chance,” said one of the armed men. “You messed up when you voted. Next time you vote you must get it right or you will die.”

One of the men selected people to stand and shout slogans of Zimbabwe’s ruling Zanu-PF party and to sing songs from the liberation war . Those who did not do so enthusiastically were beaten. Another cocked his gun and told the crowd to point out opposition supporters.

Sandati Kuratidzi lives on the hospital grounds because his wife is a physiotherapist there. He is an activist with the opposition Movement for Democratic Change which stunned Zanu-PF by apparently defeating Robert Mugabe in the presidential election, although the electoral commission has still to release the official result 12 days later.

When Kuratidzi saw the pick-up with the armed men draw up, he knew what was coming and hid on top of a cupboard.

“They warned people that if they voted for the opposition they would be killed. They had AK-47s, shotguns, guns in their belts. People were very afraid,” he said. “They were saying they were going to show an example to anyone supporting MDC and they asked the people to point out who they were but no one did. Their behavior was inhuman.”


The armed men had already visited Kotwa. “They ordered people out of buses, out of shops, gathered them together,” he added. “One of the men was cocking a rifle to scare people. They told the people they’d messed up by voting MDC and they weren’t going to let people make that mistake again. They said they wouldn’t entertain even one opposition vote. They told people to shout slogans and those who couldn’t do it were slapped.

If anyone was in any doubt about what Mugabe meant when he said “We only used 25% of our energy on the election”, this is what the other 75% is going to be. Mugabe is demanding a presidential run-off. The MDC refuse to go along with this, knowing that they won outright.

It is time someone stepped in. This corruption has been going on for too long. But as there is no oil in Zimbabwe, I suppose the whole world will sit back and enjoy the ensuing carnage that is just getting started in that country.

Poor Zimbabwe. 

Read the article from The Guardian


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