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Religiously Unreligious

Posted by Exile on April 18, 2008

The ever growing relationship between the muslim community and its political champions on the left wing of the political arena in Denmark, is about to be set on end. It is no secret here that the Socialist Peoples Party, SF, has achieved a certain stature in the past few weeks due to the anti-islamic stance of its present party chairman, Willy Søvndal. The SF has been poaching voters from its ally, the Social Democrats at an alarming rate. At least, as far as the soc. dem’s are concerned.

Another left wing party has virtually been wiped off the face of Danish politics recently. The Unity Party. Enhedslisten.

Strangely enough, the party that sprang from and embraces the communist dogma of the sixties, fronted a muslim as a parliamentary candidate in the last general election. Now it would appear, that some of the more socialist people in the party are having second thoughts about this foray into the world of  the intangible.
Enhedslisten is to hold a theme party of its own tomorrow, the theme being the stance of the party on religion. They are having a simple identity crisis. Party delegates will be discussing the party line with respect to religion. They will have to debate past remarks from various party leaders that the party “is not a religious party” and that the party “is a direct opponent of all religion including christianity, islam and everything else in between”.
The main proponents of the latter statement is the Anti-religious Network that was born out of resistance to the choice of the muslim Asmaa Abdol-Hamid as a parliamentary candidate. The network is adamant that the party remains atheistic and should not present religious candidates for election.

I hope they tear their own hearts out.

I do not despair at the demise of the left wing. If it was up to me, they would all wither on the political vine. It was the left who brought our present unhappiness upon us by allowing all and sundry to invade this land and it was also the left wing that tried to make us toe the multicultural and strictly EU dictated line. Many of us resent them for just that. And they can see the results of that folly now as the right wing government continues to strengthen its position. Sucking up to islam has made them unpopular.

However, having said that, I find myself, for once, in agreement with the old communist brigade. Religion and politics should be strictly separated. The one is a matter for personal intrerpretation and superstition, the other is a device for the government of an entire country of individuals with differing beliefs and must be built on fact and common sense.

I remember the words of my father. “You have to be fair, honest and reasonable to get through life. Religion doesn’t enter into it.”

He was right. If our politicians were simply fair, honest and reasonable, leaving religion aside where it belongs, we wouldn’t be where we are now. 

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